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  1. 7 years ago

    Is it possible that VCom and ALiVE are not playing nicely at the moment, when running them together the ai seems to just stand around. They arent going out and actively doing much. At least with the asymmetric force, my bluefor guys definitely got better at fighting.

  2. or does ALiVE not support gref units possibly?

  3. Friznit

    14 Dec 2016 Administrator

    ALiVE does nothing with the microAI. I've never noticed a problem running the two together.

  4. I've got a Takistan mission running at the moment on our server using 3cb as blufor and an ORBATTED Takistani insurgency based off of CUP units.

    VCOM runs just fine for us.

  5. Weird, It must just be something I am doing, the units are just standing or fighting uncollectively, generally just run at us 1 at a time with 60seconds between 1 guy and the next. Out of currosity are you guys using the defalt skill values in the adjustable userconfig that comes with VCOM? Are you using Filepatching? Are you using the AISkill module from ALiVE, and if so what settings do you find to be a good balance?

  6. We tweaked our own settings and things seem to be working well. We toned down the gunfire hearing distance from 1200 and the reinforcement setting as well. We found that at the default values the AI would just continue to stream and would actually call for help from all the way across the map (Chernarus in our case) which would create a deployment breaking scenario as areas were left with just CQB personnel.

    The one thing we are still testing is the way the AI reports artillery positions and how it functions with respawns. We had an early instance where AI manned BM-21 Grads were launching 3 rocket salvos every 90 seconds on the spawn locations of players AFTER they had been wiped out less than 3 minutes after starting a firefight at a roadblock 2-3km away from the respawn location by the same rocket artillery.

  7. I tried to get both running together and failed. VCOM tends to use the "support" elements no matter which code you put into their init. There are plenty examples in the BI forums but none work 100% reliably.

  8. I've only just started testing this, but it seems to me like VCOM works far better with ALiVE than ASR. ASR seems to override unit waypoints set by ALiVE (attack objective, defend objective, etc), neutering the OPCOM.

    I agree about hearing distance though. The default is completely inappropriate for ALiVE.

  9. Could've sworn VCOM inherently would mess up the combat support and that there was no workaround. Can anyone confirm it works now?

  10. I was actually playing around with VCOM and ALiVE last night using my new African factions. It works great re: Infantry and vehicle combat. I didn't see any issues of units standing around. If anything they were super aggressive. I ran a test scenario of UN troops attacking Islamic militants on the Afghan Village map, and once the combat started reinforcements for both sides came pouring in. So I'd repeat what Nichols said and definitely reduce the hearing distance to keep small firefights from escalating into full blown battles everytime.

    I'm actually friends with Genesis (the VCOM guy) on Steam and have been talking with him quite a bit on things that need to be tweaked for ALiVE. Version 3.8 is running well for me. I'll probably incorporate it into mission for our group on the dedi very soon to make sure it runs well for everyone in a dedi enviornment.

    But I am really really liking it, more so than ASR in many ways.

  11. Thanks @AUTigerGrad. I hear such good things about VCOM. Please gives us a heads up once it's fully ALiVE compatible. I'll hold off for now but I appreciate you working closely with Genesis on this.

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    Can confirm that AI with the asymmetrical command type do tend to just stand around and not follow orders given to them from Zeus (had units place and synced to virtual AI module, only had CBA, ALiVE, and Spyder Addons loaded, VCOM loaded via script). Changed the command type to invasion and it worked like a charm.

    Note: Had installations set to "unused."

  13. Great to have 2 threads, maybe we should lock one ;).

    If Genesis is working on Making the command working reliable, then I'd like to give it a try again at next relaunch.

  14. @JD_Wang I just put this code in the init.sqf

    [{{Driver _x setvariable ["NOAI",true];} foreach (vehicles select {_x isKindOf 'air'});}, 1, []] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler;

    That (as far as I understand it) removes VCOM from aircraft of anytype

    Could Genesis tell us which code in the init of units works reliable? I need plenty of units excluded from ai addons.

  15. Since our community does not utilize the AI logistics side we have zero problem with the AI pilot stuff.

    For combat it works like a champ whether ALiVE is set to invade, occupy or assymetric. When the AI baits you into a fire fight and then calls in reinforcements that hit you from the rear after flanking you once they established your edges it makes life really interesting on an ALiVE mission.

  16. this may be a dumb question. How do i know vcom is actually working

  17. When you get shot at, VCOM has their own suppression effect. That's one of the most obvious signs it's working, you should notice a different in AI as well. They should be a little less accurate, and be more prone to flank you.

  18. Is that the blurry thing on the screen? I thought my graphics card was breaking. No joke. Wow I do not like that at all.

  19. Yeah, neither do I. I mean, I like suppression effects just not Vcoms. Veteran mod has a good suppression effect.

  20. Well turn it off. There's an option in the settings for suppression and adrenaline (which gives both you and the AI a small speed boost when initially under fire)

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