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    Fri Dec 11 01:17:43 2020
    Shizzak posted in Chernarus 2020 CIVs.

    I'm having a different issue. Military objectives are spawned correctly. Civilian objectives put me in an endless loading loop.

  2. Sat Oct 10 01:48:29 2020
    Shizzak posted in Livonia Index.

    Nevermind I figure it out. Looking at that test map. That gave me the biggest revelation for any map that someone has indexed

  3. Sat Oct 10 01:42:42 2020
    Shizzak posted in Livonia Index.

    How do I use that experimental mode in my game?

  4. Wed Sep 30 03:52:07 2020
    Shizzak started the conversation C21Star Tasks.

    Is it possible to mark an area where c21star tasks can't be assigned. Its very annoying when you start a mission and get a defend mission 200m from the start point.

    Troop Transport tasks are also very buggy. AI will always immediately disembark if using ground vehicles around 500m from transport insertion. Can confirm this with just CBA and alive. Its always been like this.

  5. 4 years ago
    Sat May 9 07:33:12 2020

    You need to define a TAOR for each side. One side will get the airfield. The other will get the carrier. I always manually place my jets on the carrier and sync them to the virtual placement module.

    The USS freedom what you must do is go into its attributes and go into special states. Disable simulation. This will disable all inputs from anything. Your AI jets will take off just fine.

  6. Fri Apr 17 20:16:27 2020
    Shizzak started the conversation Issue with some C21Star missions.

    this has been going on for as long as I can remember. Lets say we get a troop transport insertion mission. I go pick them up and as I'm driving along they all decide to hop out way before the destination even if there is no combat nearby. This happens with combat search/rescues, and any mission involving AI transport. My only workaround is use ACE's join group feature to force them back in, drop them off then leave the group. It will do the same thing with only Alive and CBA installed. No AI enhancement mods.

  7. Fri Apr 17 20:10:55 2020

    Typically I use drongos air operations for fixed wing CAS since alive's combat support RTBs then either just takes off again or parks right in the middle on the taxiway. Drongo's mod will RTB then store vehicles in the VAM (virtual aircraft manager). After that you can choose what loadout you want for your aircraft be it CAS, AT, etc. Recently you can assign certain aircraft to the VAM prior to mission start while also giving it a number of assets.

  8. Wed Apr 8 05:50:27 2020
    Shizzak started the conversation Combat Support CAS Fixed Wing.

    So fixed wing CAS works great in what its supposed to do as long as you aren't using conflicting AI enhancement mods. This has always been the issue and I'd prefer not to use drongo air operations. I will give CAS an RTB. It does so and lands. It taxis to where its spawn point is and then immediately taxis for takeoff. Why does this do that. Also this is unrelated but I do not get any messages from combat support about SITREP or anything combat support wishes to tell me. Thanks

  9. Mon Apr 6 12:42:40 2020

    The ambient guards option only tells if a specific town will be occupied. Low means a very low amount of towns will be occupied. The ai commander will then issue commands to occupy all objectives that arent currently occupied. Then they will settle up in buildings and not move.

  10. Thu Mar 19 01:39:06 2020
    Shizzak posted in Combat Logistics Greyed Out.

    Ah found the issue. Its ASR AI. If I use otherai enhancement modules I can call logistics anytime. Unfortunately VCOM and TCL (which are great mods) Have issue. VCOM still is a total resource hog. TCL has an issue when i call combat support, they disembark immediately

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