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    Mon Jul 29 20:43:02 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Need some help lowering hositlity.

    Hey I know JD Wang was trying to accomplish some similar stuff. Here’s a link to our Discord channel. I’d say maybe ping him and get his take?


  2. Tue Jul 23 17:50:38 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Combat Logistics - Vehicles.

    So what happens? Since they don’t have a parachute do they fall a billion mph from space into ground and explode? Or is it just a visual bug?

  3. Tue Jul 23 17:48:17 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Auto tasks and AO's.

    I don’t think so. If certain tasks are causing you issues, you can blacklist those though. Instructions here at the bottom: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Custom_Blacklists

  4. Tue Jul 23 17:45:43 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in My units wont attack, help!?.


    and this is my video for proff.

    Hi! Thanks for the video. I’m thinking your TAOR markers are kinda small, which is limiting the amount of group spawns. When groups spawn, the commander on each side will keep some groups back to defend objectives they already hold.

    I don’t think there are enough groups left to really attack each other.

    If you make the TAOR’s bigger, such as splitting the map in half for each side, does this improve?

    Also, you can and should turn “debug” on in the Virtual AI module. This makes it so you can monitor activity on the map screen and not have to use Zeus.

  5. Sun Jul 14 16:56:26 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Bug/fix for orbat.


  6. Sun Jul 14 16:54:57 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Enemy starting position?.

    Place a marker on the map. Name it, then put that name in the TAOR override line in the CIV and MIL obj Placement modules. This will make groups only spawn in the TAOR area.

    To get them to move, make sure that side’s Commander module is synced to the enemy’s MIL and CIV obj Placement modules.

  7. Sun Jul 14 16:52:30 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in CfgVehicles.hpp error upon startup.

    Hey thanks for posting the solution. Does this need to be fixed on our end? @Hoot

  8. Sun Jul 14 16:40:30 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in 3 sided war.

    This is a cool idea but I don’t think anything like this is baked into the mod.

  9. 5 years ago
    Tue Jul 9 19:50:32 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in AI commander position difference?.

    Pretty sure it only makes a difference in Insurgency mode. Not sure of the inner workings though, but it seems to me the spawned groups will be more dense closest to the module and a higher chance of HQ’s but i’m not 100% positive.

  10. Fri Jul 5 18:46:05 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Factions in a mission.

    Pretty sure at least two (never tried more). The thing I think that’s going wrong is ONLY the OPCOM/Commander module supports multiple factions. Objective Placement modules do not. So if you want them both to have, let’s say, CIV objs, you need to give them their own CIV Obj Placement modules then sync both to the OPCOM module.

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