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    Wed Dec 14 13:28:06 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Weird, It must just be something I am doing, the units are just standing or fighting uncollectively, generally just run at us 1 at a time with 60seconds between 1 guy and the next. Out of currosity are you guys using the defalt skill values in the adjustable userconfig that comes with VCOM? Are you using Filepatching? Are you using the AISkill module from ALiVE, and if so what settings do you find to be a good balance?

  2. Wed Dec 14 00:09:43 2016

    I have had no luck with r3f and ALiVE so far, but I havent tried r3f for maybe 6months

  3. Wed Dec 14 00:03:42 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    or does ALiVE not support gref units possibly?

  4. Wed Dec 14 00:00:13 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Is it possible that VCom and ALiVE are not playing nicely at the moment, when running them together the ai seems to just stand around. They arent going out and actively doing much. At least with the asymmetric force, my bluefor guys definitely got better at fighting.

  5. Mon Dec 12 11:46:18 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in alive and vcom.

    In theroy wouldnt you need to add the code to the pilot in the support choppers not the chopper itself?

  6. 6 years ago
    Sun Jul 24 03:32:15 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in ACE3.

    It still is an issue as far as I can tell. How ever BIS is looking at a fix for this and similar problems due to issues that RHS had run into as well.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS  Arguing with people from a year ago? ;)

    I played a mission with ALiVE and ACE last Saturday and everything was fine. What exactly is the problem?

    I was not trying to argue with people just simply suggesting that both development teams had undervalued the scoreboard.

  7. Sat Jul 23 20:52:05 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in ACE3.

    I understand both ACE and ALiVEs view points but many of us that use your mods, use them with other mods. Its especially to be expect a mod that like ALiVE would be used with ACE in most situations. So why would compatibility be so low on both developers ends?

  8. Tue May 3 05:34:31 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in IED Damage (SOLVED).

    Sorry for a very late reply, Using the EODs ieds does solve the issue. We can now hear and get damaged by the ieds that other people set off. How ever I have noticed a few others issues but I am going to bring up its own post seeing as they are of a different nature and mostly EODs related.

  9. Sat Apr 2 09:01:36 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in Alive spawned groups.

    why not add more control over this, at this point its nearly not possible to use armor or mechanized units because your sure to get 6 for the price of one with any vanilla arma faction?

  10. Sat Apr 2 08:55:44 2016
    Z zbshadow posted in Few trivial questions(SOLVED).

    I did run into an interesting thing today, the toar markers can not be uneven in the x:y planes. Other wise my modules would not notice them or profile any thing in its area.

    The biggest issue I have how ever is that with alive spawning groups and not units, it is spawning like squads of btrs and 6 tanks and so on instead of 1

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