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    Mon Aug 19 11:12:24 2019
    SavageCDN posted in Headless Client Advice.

    If your hardware can handle it (and it sounds like it can) run the HCs locally on the same machine. Arma loves clock speed so go for a higher GHz versus more cores, and be sure to get SSD or NVMe drives. Make sure you assign each instance of the server and HC it's own 2 cores (ie: server - cores 0 and 1, HC1 - cores 2 and 3, etc).

    I would start this way and if you get to adding 3 HCs and still find performance needs some improvement I would rent a 2nd box for a month and test offloading all HCs to their own server.

    There will also be a limit to how much improvement you are going to see by adding yet another HC instance. This can be mission-dependent so testing is always a good idea - throw together a test mission with lots of AI offloading and record your results. Compare when adding a new HC.

  2. Wed Jul 17 15:40:39 2019
    SavageCDN posted in Capture Markers.

    He may not have received a notification since he wasn't the thread starter.

    @AngusDLX pinging Angus!

  3. Wed Jul 10 11:09:43 2019

    See here for info regarding blacklisting of AA units:
    "Note that to completely remove things like AA from your mission, you will need to blacklist all AA units, vehicles and any Groups that have those classes as well."

    For VCOM blacklisting see here:

  4. Mon Jul 8 11:19:18 2019

    Sometimes the tasks get bugged or have issues that have not been fixed as of yet. You can blacklist certain tasks... see here for more info:

  5. Fri Jun 21 12:00:46 2019

    It looks like success... can you give it a test on your end?

    Thank you very much for getting a hold of us to help with this issue and sorry for not getting back to you in a timely manner but we've been working on this very hard. I believe we actually have it working fully if this log is correct.

    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [info] Configuration 'alive.cfg' read OK.
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [debug] Alive Config:
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [debug] Type: JSON
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [debug] User: ivihecycegu6i5eve4enyrizeladyzin
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [debug] Pass: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [debug] Group: CPA10
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [debug] URL:
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [info] Checking WarRoom access...
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [info] URL:
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [info] WarRoom access granted.
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [info] Checking DB access...
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [info] DB access granted.
    [2019-06-21 07:01:03] [info] ALiVE successfully initialized.

    Best Regards,

    Shea Sharrock
    Sales & Technical Support Operative

  6. Thu Jun 20 16:35:32 2019

    Thanks I'll contact Citadel and see what can be done.

  7. Thu Jun 20 11:09:43 2019

    We've run into this issue before with certain hosts where for whatever reason they cannot connect to our WR server. Have your host run a ping and traceroute test to:

    edit: thread from a similar issue

  8. Wed Jun 19 15:37:46 2019

    Same results? War Room does not sync with the mission? Does the mission load otherwise?

  9. Wed Jun 19 11:44:32 2019

    No your host will have to do it... no way that I am aware of via TCAdmin (or whatever software your host is using).

  10. Wed Jun 19 11:01:38 2019

    Windows likes to block useful files like .dlls if they are downloaded from the unwashed Internet. Hopefully your host is aware of this and checked however it might be worth mentioning just to make sure. (In Windows you need to right-click the .dll, Properties, check for an 'unblock' button).

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