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    Thu Jul 22 12:37:10 2021
    C CyDoN started the conversation General Questions.

    Hello! First I need to thank you, Alive has give me and my friends countless of awesome campaign missions, the most immersive environment I have ever experienced in gaming.
    I have some questions on how to make an Alive Mission, very basic stuff tbh.

    1. In asymmetric how do installations work? (IED Factory)
    Do they actually produce IEDs? How do you defeat those? you blow them up? They stop "working" once the house is leveled?

    2. I think this might have been asked in the past but can I customize my civilians? I want the priest to wear priest cloths and the politician - politician clothes. Is there an option to customize those? How do I do these stuff.

    That's all I can think for now.

    3. Is ALiVE still being developed? Any new features etc?

    Thank you!

  2. 7 years ago
    Fri Jul 29 21:16:57 2016

    @SpyderBlack723 Well low level behavior like that is just the standard BIS stuff, made possible probably due to them having partial hostility to you.

    I do like the booby trap idea, give patrols a reason to keep an eye on their vehicles when they dismount.

    There can civilians collecting weapons and explosives while you drive through though, so keep an eye out ;)

    Submit any feature requests here :)

    I suggest you use ASR AI. They OPFOR get in your vehicles if you leave them unguarded :o

  3. Wed Jul 27 13:49:50 2016

    What I wanted to achieve is when an editor placed unit is killed example !alive badguy1 to summon a blacklist marker on some area so the area will be "clear of enemy activity"

  4. Tue Jul 26 10:56:16 2016
    C CyDoN posted in War Room signature [SOLVED].

    thank very mich Tupolov

  5. Mon Jul 25 00:39:39 2016
    C CyDoN started the conversation War Room signature [SOLVED].

    Mine doesn't work
    The rest of my clan members have it normal. What could be the issue?

  6. Sat Jul 23 21:37:19 2016

    I tried it and it didn't work. the Markers need to predefined.

  7. Sat Jul 23 12:12:47 2016
    C CyDoN posted in Milsim mission.

    thank you. I will look into it.

  8. Sat Jul 23 01:42:27 2016
    C CyDoN started the conversation Black list markers and later activation.

    Hello guys, first i wanted to thank you all. You are very helpful and kind. After you guidance and reading the wiki I managed to set a nice asymmetrical insurgency mission on Altis. I have 1 problem and 1 question
    Problem: I defined an AO but the whole map was filled with AI locations and grids I solved it by creating a huge black list marker on the area I didn't want the enemy to play, but still as I said I get the grids. Any ideas?

    Important question:
    Is there a way to activate black list markers on a later phase?
    What I actually want is to create a story-line mission style as a campaign for example if my guys blow up the ammo boxes or enemy FOB or whatever of the enemy somewhere then he won't be able to use that area just like having a blacklist marker?
    If i redefine that area for the OPCOM and have that marker spawn later on (conditions in a trigger for example) will it work?

    Again thank you for your time.

  9. Sat Jul 23 01:33:17 2016
    C CyDoN posted in Milsim mission.

    SpyderBlack723 Each have specific roles

    You can outfit civilians that have roles differently by detecting them with

    _role = {if (_civ getvariable [_x,false]) exitwith {_x}} foreach ["townelder","major","priest","muezzin","politician"];

    Thx again
    For the other stuff If you guys want I can send you the mission file.

    uhm.... could you be so kind of giving me an example? How do I use it? Like a script?
    This is really dark waters for me.
    for example I would like
    lop_chr_civ_profiteer_01 for major
    lop_chr_civ_functionary_01 for politician
    lop_chr_civ_priest_01 for priest

    I found a bug with your ambiance SpyderBlack723 the animals do not appear I only get their shadows. I tried it without mods just wanted to report it to you.

  10. Fri Jul 22 15:51:24 2016
    C CyDoN posted in Milsim mission.

    Yeah lol! It's on a dedicated server. SpyderBlack723 any way to make maybe mayors have specific classes and priests too?

    Also I don't get what westerners and easterners civilians have in difference :P

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