Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED)

  1. 5 years ago

    I'm working on a mission on Mogadishu, but I seem to be running into issues with the Civilian placements not finding locations. Is this map properly indexed? I searched through the forum and found a few topics, but I saw they're form 2017. I also saw that it is listed on the Wiki as being indexed, but again, its not working.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. No. I tried and the map if I recall would crash over and over during the indexing. I believe it uses some odd building pack which is probably the reason.

  3. Edited 5 years ago by Anaximandross

    Yes, it uses MGB buildings. Is there a way to account for that (or anything I can do to help)?

    So even if I use custom placements, the asymmetric still won't work?

    Thanks for your quick response.

  4. Unfortunately at the moment custom placements won’t work on non-indexed maps. And as far as I’m aware there’s no workaround to getting it indexed (though feel free to try if you want. You never know, maybe the issue was a me isssue).

  5. that reminds me, let's see if we can fix that for next release. :)

  6. Edited 5 years ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    ^ Marcel means being able to use CQB and Custom Objectives on non-indexed maps. Not indexing Mogadishu. But yeah looks like in the not too distant future you should be able to at least place Custom Objectives and CQB on Mogadishu (or for that matter, any non-indexed map).

  7. That would be awesome! I look forward to that. Keep the great work!

  8. 4 years ago

    Hello, was Mogadishu ever properly indexed during any recent updates?

    @marceldev89 that reminds me, let's see if we can fix that for next release. :)

  9. You're in luck. @diveyez indexed that map a little while ago. Should be included in the next release but no timeframe for it at this time.

  10. Oh cool! I look forward to getting to play it.

  11. So am I allowed to ask what comes next for ALiVE? Is the team in EOL mode now and just fixing bugs, or are new features still being added?

  12. The original team is in EOL mode now and have moved on to other things. If we threaten to beat them they will work on fixing bugs. ALiVE is open source now so anyone can make changes or add features.

  13. Well, I'm sad to hear that, but totally understand! Thanks for the update


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