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  1. 5 years ago

    So, the wiki says to refer to the github for maps that are indexed/supported. But my question is, are the checked off maps on the github meaning that they are actively supported/indexed in the production release version of ALiVE? Or does that just mean somewhere there's an index download floating around for that map?

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    Yes. Everything listed is included by default in ALiVE.

    The wiki is probably not 100% accurate for up-to-date index though (unless someone updated it recently, not sure). Your best bet is, if it’s listed, is to make a very simple mission just to make sure it runs as expected before dedicating a lot of time building and only after finding there is a problem.

    Most of the maps listed should absolutely work though, at least as far as indexing goes (BI did change lighting and other things that have broken some old maps though).

    If a map you want to try is not listed, feel free to ask here incase anyone knows.

  3. So, I tried out the map Porto, because I just want a small scale invasion scenario and it looks like it's not indexed even though the github claims it is. :\

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    It was brought to my attention I actually indexed Porto (which I don’t remember lol WTF?). Try this (put X folder in mission root):

    If it works let me know and we’ll get it in a future release. It might not work though. I can’t see any other reason why we wouldn’t have merged it already but I honestly do not remember.


  5. Thanks! Actually, Bradon linked it to me in the Discord a few days ago, so I appreciate you following up.


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