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    Wed Apr 17 19:35:08 2019
    T thick1988 posted in Discord Server.

    Thank you!

  2. Tue Apr 16 14:22:25 2019
    T thick1988 started the conversation Discord Server.

    I believe there is/was a Discord server for ALiVE specifically, but I have searched through the forums here and cannot find any mention of it. Does it still exist, and if so, would it be possible to have an easy to find link to get to it?


  3. Thu Sep 27 20:51:23 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation Group Size Question.

    Hey all,

    I was working on some missions lately, and it's my understanding that things like 'Unit Size', (Company (200) for example, would mean 200 Profiled Groups on the map at any one time. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

    Anyways, I'd been using the ORBAT tool to build factions, and in most cases I mirrored Vanilla layouts with the Squad size for infantry being the largest, and a 'section' being the largest that you'd see an armor unit using. Most of my missions are force on force large scale scenarios. I wasn't a fan of how the units seemed to move to objectives independently, with mechanized vehicles flying out ahead of armor, and light infantry showing up 30 minutes after the battle.

    So I was wondering, if I were to use the ORBAT tool to create Groups of larger mixed formations, they'd be able to move together more effectively I would think. For example, I could have a Mechanized Infantry Group with maybe 2 Bradley IFVs, and 12 infantry soldiers. Or I could have 2 Abrams MBTs and 2 Bradleys with 12 infantry all together. Then I could lower the overall unit size from Company 200 to Company 100 for example. So, more individual units, in a lower number of virtualized profiles, and with what would seem like to a player who's engaging them or seeing them, more cohesive. Has anyone experimented with this or does this work at all?

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    Mon May 7 01:43:38 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Supported Maps List.

    Thanks! Actually, Bradon linked it to me in the Discord a few days ago, so I appreciate you following up.

  5. Wed May 2 02:30:27 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Supported Maps List.

    So, I tried out the map Porto, because I just want a small scale invasion scenario and it looks like it's not indexed even though the github claims it is. :\

  6. Tue May 1 21:00:41 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation Supported Maps List.

    So, the wiki says to refer to the github for maps that are indexed/supported. But my question is, are the checked off maps on the github meaning that they are actively supported/indexed in the production release version of ALiVE? Or does that just mean somewhere there's an index download floating around for that map?

  7. Mon Apr 16 18:59:56 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Help on indexing PMC Terrains maps.

    I've been interested in these maps too, they look pretty cool. Perfect for some large scale armored maneuvers with combined air support. I wish they'd release versions without the buildings so that proper buildings could be placed.

  8. Wed Apr 11 15:20:30 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Fore Size & Weighting.

    Thanks @HeroesandvillainsOS for the info, I'll check into the script and see what I can make of it.

  9. Wed Apr 11 14:27:30 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation Fore Size & Weighting.

    So I understand via wiki: Force Size and Composition Weighting choices will influence the overall force composition. ALiVE will attempt to emulate realistic combined arms battle groups using equipment and vehicles available to that faction. Mission editors can overwrite this by forcing unbalanced groups in the Overrides if they choose (e.g. infantry only).

    My question is with regards to it being explained in more detail if possible. When I choose 'Company (100)' from the list. Does that mean that there are 100 profiles on the map? Or is this some other measurement? For example, if I've got a faction like Syndikat or Takistan Militia that has weird groups of like 2 men, 4 men patrols in some cases, do those groups count as much as a 12 man squad?

    Also, say I choose 'Light Infantry' for force weighting. Is it going to purely spawn Light Infantry? Or is there some ratio breakdown on what it wants to spawn like 75% Light Infantry, 15% Motorized, 10% Mechanized?

  10. Tue Apr 10 14:38:29 2018

    No worries, I just switched over to using Insurgency missions for now. Thanks anyways

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