Help on indexing PMC Terrains maps

  1. 6 years ago

    Hello, could you guys help me index some PMC Terrains? Especially PMC Balkans Montenegro. I tried to do according to the tutorial, but every time I tried it, he gave me an error saying that I could not index the map. I opened the map with the DRWP and it did not find any error.

    Please, help-me find what is wrong, i really whant to create some air campaigns on those gigantic maps!

  2. Hey i’m not familiar with those maps aside from just knowing they don’t have hardly any buildings (that’s correct, right?), but please bare in mind, ALiVE requires buildings to function. Feel free to ask away and go into more details about your indexing issue, but if these are the huge maps that are designed for flying only, don’t bother using ALiVE with it or indexing any of them. ALiVE is not the mod to make missions with for these maps.

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    Actually, those maps (at least, the ones that i'm using now) have a fair amount of buildings, with huge cities and some military sites (airbases don't have control tower, hangars and etc) , but they are placed by software, so, cities are somewhat ugly, and military bases are a mess.
    I'm at my work by now, so i'm unable to give a report of the error itself, but when i arrive at my home, i'll give some more details abou the error.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. But they indeed are huge maps, but they are somewhat fairly populated with buildings

  5. I've been interested in these maps too, they look pretty cool. Perfect for some large scale armored maneuvers with combined air support. I wish they'd release versions without the buildings so that proper buildings could be placed.

  6. I think that you can ask for building-less maps on their forums.

  7. It says something about pmc_montenegro static data

  8. 21:34:10 ALiVE [m_6|45] Module ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS INIT COMPLETE TIME: 0.585999
    21:34:10 ALiVE AI Distributor not enabled (mode: false).
    21:34:10 ALiVE_sys_acemenu: ACE interact_menu not active or no interface found, exiting
    21:34:10 Mission id: 041d7324fadf651551af86881176e5197ca5d0ee
    21:34:25 ALiVE [m_2|44] Module ALiVE_SYS_marker INIT COMPLETE TIME: 15.766
    21:34:25 ALiVE [m_5|43] Module ALiVE_SYS_spotrep INIT COMPLETE TIME: 15.756
    21:34:25 Registering Advanced Marker controls for B Alpha 1-1:1 (Paulo) on map screen.
    21:34:25 Registered controls for PLAYER on map screen: B Alpha 1-1:1 (Paulo)
    21:34:26 Loading movesType CfgMovesSnakes_F
    21:34:26 MovesType CfgMovesSnakes_F load time 54 ms
    21:34:26 "ALiVE - Starting Garbage Collector..."
    21:34:37 Loading movesType CfgMovesButterfly
    21:35:03 MovesType CfgMovesButterfly load time 25634 ms
    21:35:04 Loading movesType CfgMovesBird
    21:35:17 MovesType CfgMovesBird load time 12376 ms
    21:35:29 Loading movesType CfgMovesRabbit_F
    21:35:29 MovesType CfgMovesRabbit_F load time 37 ms
    21:35:30 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Starting indexing for pmc_balkans_montenegro map
    21:35:30 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Creating a list of objects (excluding blacklist)
    21:35:31 CallExtension loaded: ALiVEClient (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@ALiVE\ALiVEClient.dll) [„Á°]

    21:35:34 Warning: 4448 ms spent in callExtension calling name: "ALiVEClient", function: "StartIndex~@pmc_balkans_montenegro\addons\pmc_balkans_montenegro.pbo|pmc_balkans_montenegro|false"
    21:35:35 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There was a problem, exiting indexing: ERROR - Cannot find blacklist file
    21:37:06 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Starting indexing for pmc_balkans_montenegro map
    21:37:06 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Creating a list of objects (excluding blacklist)
    21:37:06 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There was a problem, exiting indexing: ERROR - Cannot find blacklist file
    21:38:16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Starting indexing for pmc_balkans_montenegro map
    21:38:16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Creating a list of objects (excluding blacklist)
    21:38:16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There was a problem, exiting indexing: ERROR - Cannot find blacklist file
    21:58:52 No alive in 10000

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    I'm going to throw something else out there, if you're looking for large scale, dynamic air campaigns, you should check out Falcon BMS. You fly in a complex F16 and everything is persistent like an Alive campaign. Its free too.

  10. I'm already familiar with Falcon BMS. but thanks for the reply.
    Actually, not only aircrafts, but armored combat would be awessome in those maps.

  11. They are large maps, but they use a program to populate buildings randomly on the map. The result, considering they use photorealistic textures, makes for crappy scenery, no roads, or anything. I even went so far as to contact pmc in regards to being able to use their maps, and more accurately place buildings and roads and such resulted in a basic, build your own map from scratch. These maps could be stellar, but PMC is shooting themselves in the foot in regards to scenery placement, because it is ruining the maps IMO. I thought they would be eager to have someone do accurate roads and buildings and such, but they shot me down in one sentence. Oh well, their loss. Great potential that will go by the wayside.

  12. It's going to take a years to accurately place manually all the buildings in a 143x143 map. But they really need a software that place roads and buildings in a more realistic way.

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    Besides, for now, i actually only wanted some good, well designed airbases. They have GIANT maps, that don't even have a single airstrip.

  14. But, anyway... Is it possible to index those terrains the way they are now?

  15. If the buildings are randomly generated, I think there would be no way. Indexing uses building ID’s, which is why if even one building is added to any map, it ruins our indexes. If the buildings on these aren’t set in stone, I don’t see how it would even be possible but I’m not an expert so I could be wrong (though I doubt it).

  16. They aren't randomly generated in mission. They just aren't hand placed like other maps, but they still have fixed buildings like any other map.

  17. They are somewhat ugly, but for air-missions, they are okay... At least you can properly use air-refueling and etc


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