Custom alive AI spawning

  1. 3 years ago

    How in the world do I make it were I can have alive to spawn in custom ai like terrorist or Russians and not csat I mean like like shamag or ski mask Russians I'm so cinfused bcause I don't like vinella characters

  2. Edited 3 years ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    @bigbulletx3 I’d recommend taking a look at the ALiVE wiki for how to get yourself started, also the insurgency page on the wiki is good for how to use Asymmetric mode for when you’re ready to pick your operational Commander styles.

    Another decent way to see examples is to open someone else’s in the editor. You’re more than welcome to unpack any of mine (I have a bunch on Steam).

    To answer your question directly, you’re gonna need to use faction mods for typical looking terrorists.


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