Can't open Alive Menu

  1. 3 years ago

    Hi There,

    No matter how I map my Alive key or User Custom Key 20, I am unable to open with the Alive menu.

    Restarted after mapping, tried new missions, added laser designation and command tablet.

    Any help?

  2. The ALiVE menu should open regardless of the item you're carrying. It's the submenus that reply on the object that's defined in the modules (C2ISTAR, Combat Support, Combat Logistics).

    By default, on my American keyboard, it's bound to the app key thingy. So I have to hold the function key and press the right ctrl button (the app thing is the same key as right ctrl).

  3. The thing is I can hear the sound, just the interface doesn't open, very frustrating!

    I remapped them and now nothing :(

  4. Edited 3 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Remapping requires a restart of your game.

  5. Unfortunately Spyder after loads of tries, I just created a new profile to Default keys. It was easier, but not quite a solution!

    I appreciate the reply though.


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