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    Hi guys,

    I played the "Liberation" campaign on Altis some time ago with some friends and we had really a lot of fun. As I was looking for an alternative (since Liberation is dead) I stumbled upon ALiVE. I am new to mission editing but I did some tutorials and created my first ALiVE mission with the wiki.

    I now have some questions. I was looking for answers in the forum but was not able to find threads to all of my questions ...

    I currently have the follwoing setup (I did the tutorial "The Creation of ALiVE: Uprising" without the asymetric force)

    • OPFOR is controlling most of Takistan
    • occupation-mode
    • military objectives are under control
    • civ. objectives will be attacked by the Commander
    • very big TAOR
    • BLUFOR is controllling a small region in the east
    • invasion mode
    • military and civ. objectives are under control
    • commander is linked to the OPFOR mil. and civ. modules (to attack them)

    The mission runs pretty well, players are getting automatic tasks, etc ...

    But now I have stumbled upon a few problems:

    1. Since we are enough players I would like to have something like: The AI does the occupation part of the mission and only the players are doing the "sector control tasks".

    Is something like this possible?

    Means: The players are getting the tasks to cease control of the island and after a sector is "freed from OPFOR" the BLUFOR AI takes control of the sector to occupy it.

    I tried to set the BLUFOR commander also to "occupation-mode" (still with the task to take control of the OPFOR targets) but this changed not the behavior of the AI troops. The AI was still attacking the enemy...

    2. There is no task for "sector control"? I wanted to generate a task to take control of a small village but was not able to find a suitable task?

    How is the sector control working in ALiVE? Since there seems to be no task for it, how do players take control of a village occupied by OPFOR? Do we just need to attack the village and kill all enemy units there? Will BLUFOR automatically take over the control of this village?

    3. Is there a build-in "mission end trigger" in ALIVE?

    Is there a build-in "mission end trigger" in ALiVE or do I have to playce it by myself? E.g. mission ends when all OPFOR sectors are und control of BLUFOR (or something like this)...

    Sorry for the long post and duplicate questions :)

  2. 1 - not that I am aware of, no. Occupation mode just means the AI commander focuses more on defense than attacking (ie: it sends less groups on attack). See here for more info:

    2 - If you kill all enemies in the sector (and the BLUFOR commander is aware of that sector/objective) then yes the AI Commander will send groups there to defend after it's been taken.

    3 - no this is something you'd have to script in the mission.. check here for more info:

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    Fair warning on the end game trigger (designed to end mission when all profiles of the assigned side are dead), I stopped using it awhile ago because it was triggering when profiles were still active. My theory being that OPCOM refreshes and momentarily makes the game think all profiles have been removed.

    ^^^ Just a theory.

    I'd test it for awhile in-game before committing to it.

  4. Hi guys,

    thanks for the answers. I set the value for parallel attacks for the BLUFOR AI Commander to 1 and virtual movement speed to 25%. With this setting there is at least only 1 battle at a time. and the player has a cance to reach the target first in most cases.

    Because of the end game trigger: I was reading a lot of threads in different forums and another player also had problems with the end trigger firing too early. Maybe I will write a script to observe the situation for a configurable time. E.g. fire the trigger when there are 5 minutes no other units (or something like this) ... I am starting to understand how all this scripting and mission editing works :)

    e.g. Wrote me a script giving the player the possibility to choose own loadouts inside of spawn areas.

    I am just curious: Are there any suggestions how to ballance the game (how many troops per km² or objective)? I am currently doing it with try & error to find out how many troops every side should have to make the map interesting but not impossible :)

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    Balancing missions is one of the harder aspects of the ALiVE mod, because a lot of how you go about doing it is going to depend on a lot of factors (number of humans, how much involvement you want from friendly AI, long term persistent campaign or one-off mission, AO size, how much interference you want from friendly groups or if you want to do most the fighting yourself and call in groups afterwards, etc).

    I think the best thing you can do is go with your gut. Then before actually "playing," fast-forwarding the mission in the SP editor for a few hours with virtual AI and maybe even OPCOM debugged, and watching how things play out, and then making your final tweaks from there.

    I have missions ranging from stuff with a set objective designed to be completed in one sitting (with no friendly AI interference at all. Kind of like a special forces thing), to full map long-term persistent insurgencies, where having at least some friendly AI available, to help you out if you need it, is pretty much critical.

    You just need to decide what kind of op it is, and what you want out of the experience. There is really no set way; just means (the mod) and resources (such as the forums here) to achieve your goal.


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