Having trouble calling support. . .

  1. 4 years ago

    Hey there. Im new to ALiVE. Although i have owned ARMA 3 for a long time, I never really "got into it" until now. Anyway,
    I have been tinkering around with the demo insurgency scenario and realized that it appears that i should be able to call in support.
    Well, I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to do it. Nothing shows up under the radio in the support channel.
    What is the proper procedure for doing this?
    CBA and ALiVE all appear to be the current versions. Thanks in advance and thanks for making an amazing mod.

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    The mission needs to have combat support enabled in the editor (for CAS and Transport...the default item you need in your inventory to call it is either a laser designator or the combat support tablet), and military logistics enabled to call in supplies and reinforcements.

    My best guess is that demo is outdated and needs an update, so I doubt you're doing anything wrong.

    In the very near future, I'm releasing an edited version of the official (and new!) Insurgency Showcase on Tanoa. It's just about "done." If you want it, and have Apex, here it is:


    Requires CBA, ALiVE and (for now) Spyder Addons (which is a mod by an ALiVE dev and on Steam Workshop).

  3. Oh sweet. Thanks. i will give that a shot.


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