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    Tue Apr 18 16:21:29 2017

    ah well.

  2. Tue Apr 18 13:31:18 2017

    Would there be a way to track when a mission is completed?
    What i had in mind was to have players earn mission points for each mission they successfully complete. Those mission points act as currency to be used in the shop to purchase weapons and what not.

    The other way would be for me to add the points when an enemy unit is killed. But, I would rather it be based off the missions to give mission completing a more compelling reason to do them and complete them.

  3. Tue Apr 18 13:22:28 2017

    Hmm. That might be a useful function to add at some point.

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Mon Apr 17 15:03:31 2017

    Also, I am wanting to use a weapons shop script I found and in the install instructions it says:
    "Note: If you use AIs in your mission, make sure to add the required line in the file where you spawn AIs

    // For units, _unit is the AI unit
    [_unit] call HG_fnc_aiUnitSetup;"

    Where would I put this if i am using ALiVE? I saw in the forums where SpyderBlack723 showed someone how to do an action on an NPC death by placing some code in the description.cfg and a custom script. Could this be called in the same way somehow?

  5. Mon Apr 17 14:00:40 2017
    E Elvisman started the conversation Tracking number of missions successfully completed.

    So, I got this idea for making an "end game" to the ALiVE scenario I made.
    But the idea I have requires me to keep track of the number of missions that the players team has successfully completed. Is there a way to do this?
    Some sort of variable that ticks up each time or a ticket system?

  6. Fri Apr 14 14:50:57 2017

    Another question. The Military Ai Skill level module. . . what exactly are really "Elite" numbers?
    Done some searching and can't really find anything concrete on what high numbers actually do and what is considered to be high numbers.

  7. Fri Apr 14 14:09:28 2017

    Pretty sure i did exactly what was said. Downloaded Project Opfor and it's dependencies. Activated them.
    Loaded Takistan map in editor.
    Placed down ALiVE modules (ALiVE Needed, Alive Ai, Data, etc)
    Placed down Alive military commander. In it's "Override Factions" box i put "LOP_AM_OPF"
    Placed down Alive Military Placement Modules. In its "Force Faction" box I put "LOP_AM_OPF"
    Placed down Alive Military Civ placement modules. In It's "Force Faction" box i put "LOP_AM_OPF"
    I then synced those 2 modules to the military commander.
    Placed down a playable character.
    Hit play.
    Same error.


    Fixed now.
    Dear Lord. This WHOOOLE time. lol.
    Thanks guys. I was leaving a stray space on the end of the faction names.

  8. Fri Apr 14 01:58:02 2017

    Thanks for the tips. I will try that.

    The "Right Click and go to config viewer" is something I missed along the way.

  9. Fri Apr 14 00:31:34 2017
    E Elvisman started the conversation Please help with using known supported factions in ALiVE.

    I'm seriously about to tear my hair out. lol. Im into the editor now (i'm new). And I have gotten the setup for ALiVE all figured out or so I thought. I am now trying to create my own scenario in the Takistan map.
    i can NOT for, the life of me, get any of the supported factions from Mods like CUP, Leights, Middle Eastern warfare ETC, to spawn. It tells me the faction doesnt have properly setup groups when I start the scenario in preview. I have tried at least 4 different supported mods and it tells me the same thing. The factions I am trying to use are listed as being known to work in ALiVE. . . so I am assuming it is something i am doing wrong? Is there something special I need to do to use these? I can get the official units to spawn just fine.
    Any help would be appreciated. I really want middle eastern looking guys for my Takistan map.

  10. Wed Apr 12 11:55:00 2017

    Oh sweet. Thanks. i will give that a shot.

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