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  1. 2 years ago
    Tue Jun 25 20:46:36 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Virtual entity not given orders.

    @marceldev89 or @SpyderBlack723 any thoughts on this?

  2. Mon Jun 24 14:12:08 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in CfgVehicles.hpp error upon startup.

    I cross posted to the Discord

  3. Sat Jun 15 14:55:10 2019

    Hey this is probably related to the fact that we require enterable buildings for civ spawns. These versions of Chernarus don’t really have many open buildings. This might be why?

  4. Thu Jun 6 16:29:24 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Local Persistance File Location.

    Hmm. I don’t use dedi’s hardly ever. Does the server location have its own profile folder? If so, maybe you can execute the command while on the server or delete the entry there?

  5. Thu Jun 6 16:26:47 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in ALiVE Mod with ACE Compatibility (SOLVED).

    Pretty sure this would need to be added on our side. You can definitely open a feature request option on our Github if you want.

  6. Wed Jun 5 14:59:12 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Local Persistance File Location.

    In the debug console in the esc menu while in the mission put in:

    call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceClear

    then click local exec.

    Change Clear to Wipe if you want to reset all progress for all locally saved ALiVE missions.

  7. Mon May 27 18:13:55 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Visual Outline Glitch.

    @deimer Was able to reproduce in the mission I posted on. . Did nothing other than start up and spawn in on the server and wait, after about 25 minutes I checked on the mission again and the band was seen. Here's the picture I was able to take.

    It seems to be able to happen at any time, but it is not easily visible in afternoon as it blends in very well. In the picture it's around evening in the mission, and you can see how it is visible up against the dark terrain.

    Can this be reproduced in SP? Or local MP? I don’t have a dedicated server to test this.

    So repro steps are just wait? No switching views, no helicopters, no nothing? Just spawn and wait?

  8. Mon May 27 01:09:05 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Custom Faction won't work in Zeus, any help?.

    This has come up before I’m sure there’s a way I just don’t know how. Our ORBAT experts don’t post here too often. I’d suggest cross posting this to our Discord:


  9. Mon May 27 00:59:21 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Visual Outline Glitch.

    @deimer I’m going to need the repro steps to be more specific for me to test this. Can this be seen in SP/editor or does it have to be in local LAN or on a dedicated server?

    If you could, spend some time with your repro first. Find a way to reliably see it (if it’s a certain chopper, place that chopper down, etc). If it can only happen at night, say so. Etc etc etc.

    If it was just as simple as getting in any chopper and switching from first person to third person, everybody that plays does this all the time. Someone would have reported this ages ago I’d think.

  10. Sun May 26 04:16:38 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Visual Outline Glitch.

    @frdm35 Hi team, I can confirm that this only occurs with ALiVE, in the vanilla game I can enter helicopters, switch to third person or tactical and leave the helicopter without issue.

    The "blue line" deimer is reporting is exactly what this issue looks like during the day in-game.

    I'll try a full wipe and reinstall on the server machine over the weekend and see if that corrects it.

    EDIT: I just want to clarify that I am entering a helicopter, most often a Huron, as a passenger, then switching to third-person or tactical, to reproduce this issue. I have not tried from copilot, gunner or pilot positions.

    Thanks for the update. We need a repro mission and repro steps (using ALiVE and CBA only if possible).

    Sorry for the dumb question but what is “tactical” view?

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