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  1. last year
    Wed Mar 18 03:43:30 2020

    ASR AI does that aswell. Ive stopped using VCOM until the resource hog issue is fixed. Also the reason why you can't use them is because RHS artillery isn't supported by Alive. CUP artillery works well and of course vanilla vehicles

  2. Wed Mar 18 03:41:05 2020
    Shizzak started the conversation Combat Logistics Greyed Out.

    This is a weird one. Doesn't matter the faction or what i do to to the modules. The logistics tab is greyed out UNTIL a task from c21star is completed. After that i can call logistics to my hearts content. Wouldn't mind that if the issue with spyder addons for recruitment wasn't bugged. My issue on that is I'll call 6 units. All but 2 are stuck and won't listen to commands.

  3. 2 years ago
    Wed Oct 30 22:33:49 2019
    Shizzak posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    so i have been using ASR for a bit and i noticed i can't call logistics with it

  4. Wed Oct 30 22:06:21 2019
    Shizzak posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    For a week now my games fps drops so much and it will also freeze commonly. I tested a quick mission where im a tank driver with 2 members. The fps drops significantly. I removed vcom and retried. Perfect fps. I believe vcom is breaking my games

  5. Tue Aug 6 12:36:36 2019
    Shizzak posted in CAS with planes.

    Takistan's southern airport is hilarious. Alive will spawn in a group right on the corner on the taxiway and won't allow the AI to take off. Until you move far enough away for virtual ai to kick in

  6. Tue Aug 6 12:29:19 2019

    Okay. When i made custom factions they would appear in the groups modules. So in zeus go to group module it might be in there

  7. Fri Aug 2 23:25:41 2019

    Make sure in the Zeus Game Master Menu you set to set all mods including unofficial

  8. Fri Aug 2 01:39:43 2019
    Shizzak posted in Beketov Airfield.

    Actually nevermind. This is the first time it worked. Thats something

  9. Fri Aug 2 00:51:27 2019
    Shizzak started the conversation Beketov Airfield.

    Beketov is a great map. I want to make a mission that involves the civil unrest between the Ukraine and Crimea but the airfield doesn't seem to be indexed for MACC. Ukraine's defense force has Su-25s and i would love for them to work.

  10. Tue Jul 30 13:03:45 2019
    Shizzak posted in Player Supply.

    you haveto set the resupply in the module from side and faction to faction only logisitics at the bottom

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