All works fine in listen Server but Problems with Dedicated Server (waypoints to 0 0 0 location)

  1. 2 years ago

    Hello, thank you for the Alive mod, I really love it <3
    I'm a noob of Arma and I'm having an hard time finding how to set up things in order to just play some custom game with friends. I finally discovered how to create a simple mission with alive and how to export that and use it in a dedicated server (thing that should give me a bit of fps performance). The mission I made works fine when I play it on a listen server (the one I launch directly from the client) but something is broken when i play it on a dedicated server. Waypoints are messed up and often they're set in the 0, 0, 0 position of the map instead . Sometimes even units spawn in that location. Even some feature seems to be broken in the dedicated server like the incognito mode of spyder addons which it works on listen server. I use the vanilla Arma 3 launcher to launch server, headless client and client.
    Sorry form my english and thank you for your work.

  2. Hello guys,
    I'm really sorry to bother you. I loved your mod since I discovered it and I don't want to be annoying or similar but please I'll really appreciate a bit of help. Even to know I'm not alone in this.
    can someone help me? Has anybody encounter this problem? I've spent more than a week trying to test and to fix and to search for answers.
    I did a lot of tests and it's getting really frustrating:
    Alive mod keeps acting weird in a dedicated server. It's not a mission related problem. Everything works in a listen server environment and it's a joy to play with Alive and look how the AI Commander react to various situations but it would be great if Alive just work in dedicated server too in order to have a lot smoother experience. I launch the server using the vanilla A3 launcher. The server works, people can connect to it, server's FPS are above 50. I can set an Headless client too without problems.
    Anyway, with just Alive mod (and CBA), waypoints of the various AI are very often set to 0 0 0 (the lower-left corner of the map). AI Commander seems to not react as wisely and cool like in the Listen Server (maybe just 'cause waypoints management is messed up). Sometimes (but it's very rare) even groups of ai are spawned in that infamous position (0, 0, 0). The game is anyway playable and smooth but, after some hours of playing, there's a very strange thing that happens: Some AI groups can suddenly start to spam waypoints like creating 200 CYCLE waypoints in a second; probably more. In just few seconds you can have a simple two man patrol (of course profiled by Alive and handled by the AI Commander) with 8500 CYCLE WAYPOINTS. If you handle to know about this in time, you can just delete the weird patrol or trying to fix the thing but more often the game just crash after 10000 waypoints.
    That's the thing. I'm unable to understand how to fix this. I don't like to bother you in your forum but it's very sad to deal with this and I feel so powerless in front of this super complicated informatic environment.

    Is this issue caused by Persistance? I have no @AliveServer mod in the Server. I just use the standard @Alive.
    Is this issue caused by the way I handle my server? Can't I use the vanilla ArmA 3 Launcher?
    Is this issue caused by the Internet connection?
    When I start the server with the vanilla launcher I can't set in the "dedicated server IP" (under "Host" Paramters) box the IP If I do so, I'm unable to find my server. So i just left that part of paramaters blank and unchecked. That way I can find the server but it's totally unclear to me why shouldn't I set as Dedicated Server IP. Has this something to do with my Alive Dedicated Server Issue?

    I ask you to forgive me for my noobness and for my long post <3
    Thank you

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    My first guess would be the lack of @aliveserver. I would try getting that on your server first, it might save a lot of tail chasing.

    That said, running dedi and client provides drastic performance advantages in a "busy" mission, so the effort is worth it. :-)

  4. Make sure your server is loading the required mods.. can you post your server's RPT to or similar and link back here for us to look at?

  5. I just want to inform you that the problem above-written no longer exists. I don't know if it's because of the update of CBA or because I now uncheck almost all the box under the "Host" parameters in the vanilla's Launcher (specifically, I now don't manually set the server port).

    Thank you for your help. Sorry if I didn't post my server's rpt but the problem just fixed :D


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