Group Size Question

  1. 5 years ago

    Hey all,

    I was working on some missions lately, and it's my understanding that things like 'Unit Size', (Company (200) for example, would mean 200 Profiled Groups on the map at any one time. Correct me if I'm wrong on that.

    Anyways, I'd been using the ORBAT tool to build factions, and in most cases I mirrored Vanilla layouts with the Squad size for infantry being the largest, and a 'section' being the largest that you'd see an armor unit using. Most of my missions are force on force large scale scenarios. I wasn't a fan of how the units seemed to move to objectives independently, with mechanized vehicles flying out ahead of armor, and light infantry showing up 30 minutes after the battle.

    So I was wondering, if I were to use the ORBAT tool to create Groups of larger mixed formations, they'd be able to move together more effectively I would think. For example, I could have a Mechanized Infantry Group with maybe 2 Bradley IFVs, and 12 infantry soldiers. Or I could have 2 Abrams MBTs and 2 Bradleys with 12 infantry all together. Then I could lower the overall unit size from Company 200 to Company 100 for example. So, more individual units, in a lower number of virtualized profiles, and with what would seem like to a player who's engaging them or seeing them, more cohesive. Has anyone experimented with this or does this work at all?

  2. I usually make myself custom groups like this, IFVs + dismounts, 3-4 technicals w/ some infantry etc. No issues, and when they spawn in they've been dismounted and ready to fight.

  3. I was told that i.e. company (200) are 200 UNITS not profiles groups (with variing unit setups). So u can say u might have 200 soldiers on the field - that's what I have been told

  4. As I understand it, 200 profiled groups would be more like 400-600 actual soldiers. 1 Group could be 2-8 soldiers, as I understand it.

    If incorrect, please advise. I've always wondered about this.

  5. From looking through the code it appears a sort of points per group system. Contents of group doesn't look to matter (imagine it would make the force creation process mich more difficult to code and more computationally expensive to execute).

    I usually either blacklist or customize orbats to turn the 2 man and fire team groups etc into squad sized elements to bypass this, and also not have these snack size units taking slots for commanders attack/defense ops when the enemy might have full size groups.

  6. I believe there is a min and max group size setting in one of the modules. Wouldn't that take care of the issue of small 2-man squads?

  7. Never saw this mentioned setting Detroit

  8. Maybe thinking of the min to recruit setting for asymmetric commanders, and max simultaneous attacks?

  9. Yes, that is what I was thinking; min/max recruit setting. I guess this would have more to do with the insurgency than conventional forces?

  10. The max attack option is for any type of commander, setting how many objectives they can move against at one time. The minimum civilians is for insurgent commander, setting how many civilians have to exist at an objective site for them to set up a recruitment center at the location.

  11. Ahhh...thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated!

    On a side note; when setting up mil/civ obj. modules, set as ' objective only', do i set all the overide settings for troops (infantry, moterized, armor, ect) to zero, or leave blank?

    Thanks again BvB for your help!

  12. I believe they are ignored. I had tried before manually defining profiles and setting objectives only in the hopes they would start at zero but use the numbers as a capacity to fill up to but remained at zero.

    Could be a useful feature, an extra tick box that makes it objectives only BUT let AI call in to the set capacity. A script free way to model more of a meeting engagement, taking a little while to build up to the nain event


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