not all cas is available in the tablet (SOLVED)

  1. 2 years ago
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    i have a mission with, 5 CAS transports, but I only ever see 3 or 4 in the tablet, and it's a different 3 or 4 every time I restart the mission, if there a function I can run to find the missing CASunits.

    Or a wait function to add to init, to wait till all assets are loaded

    O and also the counts are spawned they are just not in the table

  2. Double check to make sure the Transport modules are placed down and synced to the Player Combat Support. Also make sure to double check each module to ensure none have duplicate information.

  3. All that is checked, and ok, my test mission I'm running on AWS, So I tripled the server size the same issue happens, just faster. Now its each time open the tablet I see a different 3 or 4 of the 5 , some timers all,

    Think I'm going to scrap that mission and start over.

  4. I’ve seen this behavior as well and have no clue what causes it. It happens almost all the time with RHS choppers. I’ve seen it with 3CB as well, but for whatever reason, sometimes I can make it go away if I use only modules, or only by manually placing the choppers and adding CS code (see wiki), or a combination of both (some with modules, some manually placed).

    But with RHS I can almost never make it go away. What mods are you using? Have you seen it vanilla?

  5. This was a mostly vanilla mission., it was with vanilla units, I think I have narrow it down to dynamic simulate

  6. Ah ok must be a different issue then. The one I see is where choppers appear perfectly in a local environment but don’t appear on the list on a dedi.

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    That's the issue, I can see the unit, but that are not available in the tablet, but after I remove all dynamic simulations from all units, the issue goes away.

  8. Were you enabling Dynamic Simulation on the choppers themselves? Yeah that would explain it. :)

  9. Other units, not any that alive was going to control.

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    Really? Can you post a simple ALiVE and CBA only mission that duplicates that? That’s a bug that should probably be looked at.

  11. Some how a script I was using to set TFAR channels, enabled dynamic simulation globally,

    Root cause someone else script, (let this be a lesson to you boys and girls write your own scripts)
    FIX stoped using that scripted, upgraded to the beta TFAR

  12. Sorry for the slightly OT question; what does dynamic simulation do exactly and when should I activate/deactivate it?

    Wondering if it causes similar issues I encounter with CAS/transports as well.

  13. Dynamic Simulation I think makes things like units inactive outside of a certain spawn radius, then they wake up when players are near by I THINK. TBH I don’t see why you’d use it at all with ALiVE.

  14. It also applies to objects you place on the map, I have used is I set up an elaborate base just to visualize after the squad heads out

  15. @YonV It also applies to objects you place on the map, I have used is I set up an elaborate base just to visualize after the squad heads out

    Do you mean the “Disable Simulation” option or the “Dynamic Simulation” option? I thought Dynamic was for units only and couldn’t be applied to objects.

  16. Dynamic Simulation, this issue only occurred if a unit or object was near the CAS's spawn.

    It falls into the ARMA strange category, had no need to thoses objects to have Dynamic Simulation enabled, so it was a quick fix, but tested it on a few missions same results.

    Windows 2016 server
    64 bit
    3 headless clients managed by alive


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