surrendered units?

  1. 2 years ago

    Today while testing Altis campaign that takes place around Kavala, I encountered a surrendered insurgent right when our helicopter finished its insertion. I guess he got scared and freaked out, courtesy of the bCombat mod I run along side VCom just to add a bit of extra psychological and suppressive effects. I searched him, removed his weapons, and left him there. Not having any mods to deal with captives, I just left him standing in the middle of the road and my team hopped into his truck and drove off.

    Now, what happens to a surrender AI when he becomes a virtual AI profile?

    I could also see some problems leaving him alive because the victory condition for the campaign is to have zero insurgent profiles, unless something eventually happens to surrendered AI? Maybe this is something for the ALiVE team to work on (I think surrendered AI should be deleted unless they are taken captive).


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