"We have to burn the village to save the village"?

  1. 2 years ago

    In occupation/asymetric scenarios, I have noticed a tendency in my AI setup (VCOM) for the occupying force to be relentless with any support assets. I have to wonder, though, if this doesn't make the CIV's unhappy to have their village leveled? I am not clued into the inner workings of the CIV AI. What makes civs more or less hostile?

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    Yeah fairly certain it should make them mad. TBH I’m not sure if it’s coded only to respond to player behavior or side behavior (IE whether I personally blow up a building only or whether someone from a friendly virtual group that’s spawned does). @marceldev89 you have any clue on this?

  3. I don't know but it's probably only the player actions that are taken into account.

  4. Yeah I was thinking that, but the civs have a hostility rating towards all sides. So let’s say he’s playing as Occupation BLU, aren’t there acts the AI enemy Asymmetric faction can make to make the civs more hostile to them?

  5. I just took a quick look and it appears that all civilians have a "killed" event handler registered which in turn updates hostility. So I guess it should work for all factions/opcoms.

  6. Is that all encompassing for killing civs AND building destruction for humans and AI? Or is it: Killing civs effects hostility for AI and players, but building destruction effects hostility for only players or something like that?

    If it’s all encompassing all around for all sides for all actions, for AI and player, that would be quite the coding accomplishment!

  7. Can't find anything about destroying buildings. Some that actually knows what to look for probably knows. ^^

  8. Pretty sure @highhead either added building destruction to hostility when he added the ability to disarm HQ’s with a hold action, or added the hold action because destroying buildings effected hostility. So either way fairly sure it’s in there somewhere, at least for the player but yeah he’d be the one to ask.

  9. I kinda miss blowing up IED factories to be honest, the hold action just isn't a visceral :P

  10. Agreed it’s not as “cool” lol. Though I do remember talking to Highhead when he was adding this and honestly, if you really think about it, blowing up a building to just remove some terrorist’s shit and bring peace back to the town is sorta counterintuitive. :)

    Like dude, thanks for giving me my home back but why u gotta blow it up?

  11. Nothing stopping you from blowing that fucker up, let loose.

  12. highhead

    19 May 2018 Administrator


    Destroying the inurgents depots, factories, recruitment centers, roadbollox, etc. will make the civilians of a town less hostile against your side and will make it harder for insurgents to re-acquire control over that area! Destroying other buildings doesnt have any effect, but actually thats a good thing to implement now that we got the buildingChanged EH (which wasnt available at the time I coded INS). Thanks for the feedback!


  13. highhead

    19 May 2018 Administrator

    PS: just to avoid confusion! you should still can blow it up, it has the same effect as using the action

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    Hmm could have sworn the destroying building thing was added as a hostile action. Not sure where I got that from. Thanks for clarifying. Maybe it’s just physical IED’s blowing up that Tup added and I got confused?

  15. Honestly... fragging the random village isn't completely ahistorical giving the Vietnam context of Unsung. I just hope for better than history in my scenarios.


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