syncing asymetric objectives?

  1. 2 years ago

    Should civilian and military objectives be synced to the opponent AI commander in asymetric scenarios?

    I'm still a little confused about the nuances of syncing objectives.

  2. Syncing objectives to a commander means that the commander can "see" those objectives and will attempt to control them.

  3. @FireDragon76 I'm still a little confused about the nuances of syncing objectives.

    So was I, and I was very worried about syncing them because I didn't completely understand this stuff. And f.e I actually thought that "blacklist marker" meant that the troops spawning via that placement module won't proceed to the blacklisted TAOR, lol.

    Well to simplify; syncing an objective into AI Commander makes the Commander aware of the objectives the objective module you just synced has. So if you'd want a scenario with BLUFOR attacking OPFOR positions, you wouldn't want to sync OPFOR AI Commander into the Blufor placement modules, but you would want to sync OPFOR placement modules into BLUFOR Commander. Comprende?

  4. I could think of many situations, however, where the objectives should be unclear.

    Out of curiosity I let an ALiVE game run several hours that only had non-overlapping TAOR's and no syncing of modules, on the Zargabad map using NATO vs. FIA. I then put it on 4x speed. Some combat must have happened because when I came back to it, all the insurgent profiles were gone and the Blufor were all camped out at base.

    I have encountered situations with my Unsung missions where insurgents (VC) will enter blacklisted areas such as bases to plant mines and punji sticks, if their TAOR is close enough and they aren't shot first. But they never spawn in blacklisted areas.

  5. Unfortunately fastfowarding can break some scripts so it is not a reliable method of long term testing.


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