How do you "defeat" or "destroy" roadblocks?

  1. 3 years ago

    First off...I'm loving the new compositions for roadblocks. Great stuff.

    Now to my do the players "defeat" roadblocks?

    If I eliminate all enemy troops at the that enough? Some roadblocks have gates but several just have large amounts of debris, wrecked cars, etc. that I can't destroy to clear the road. So how does that work? I'm seeing a bunch of roadblocks being spawned...I would think that one would NOT want to save compositions, etc. in their modules because it would seem that eventually you would have 50 indestructible roadblock compositions all over your roads (which can wreak havoc on Spyder's Traffic ambience).

    @Friznit @Tupolov @highhead Thanks in advance.

  2. Tupolov

    18 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Alas roadblocks are saved, they don't go away. Try using logistics to deconstruct them? Pretty sure though they would be put back after restart. Probably a good idea to have some kind of destruction logic and remove them from the database... prob another ticket!


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