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  1. 5 years ago

    It seems, I always have issues. So I apologize for the constant nagging.

    Getting right to it, my unit has adored ALiVE Assymetric Warfare's ability. While at first we had no idea what to do and treated it like normal ALiVE but that quickly changed.

    Now, we are creating highly specific intel maps. Adv. Markers, SpotReps, SitReps and even have dedicated recon assets (Individuals who come on just to deploy a Raven or Darter and spend a few hours collecting information). From this, our command team takes all this information, digs through the fluff and usually are able to pinpoint POSSIBLE HQ's/Depots within 50-100m of a location.

    But we ran into a problem. Multiple problems.

    The adv. markers vanish after a server save and quit. It properly saves and everything or so I thought. When we rejoin the next day, the SPOTREP details (in the menu when you open the map) are still there, but the markers themselves are gone. Upon making new markers and watching the screen as it saves has revealed something. While it is saving the markers, a message saying "conflict" pops up and quickly continues saving the rest. Now we have this huge list of SPOTREPS and no way to get rid of them nor any idea to fix it.

    To make it worse, the checkpoints we marked are usually gone by the next server load and the amount of enemies change dramatically after a server reload (We once did recon and found a village with just two fireteams. When the teams were sent in, we found out it had a LOT more than just two fireteams and they had to pull back). What gives?

  2. Tupolov

    18 Jun 2015 Administrator

    So Adv markers can disappear if they get corrupted :( This can happen if markers are deleted in game and the mission is not saved properly.

    Let me know mission name and group please.

    WRT checkpoints - hmmm need to check with @highhead on that one. Are using the mil IED module? Or just Asymmetric?

  3. highhead

    18 Jun 2015 Administrator
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    Ad. Roadblocks: Yes, those can change a bit on server restart, but there will be the same amount of roadblocks at the outskirts of the location, resulting in the roadblock beeing created in nearly the same place, can be improved ofc.

    Ad. enemies: Insurgents also have objectives and will spread across the island, fulfill orders, set up recruitment HQs (which will create enemies from the civilians) etc.! Its not static at all.
    If you send a team to recon, return to base, save, restart server, build an assault team, and return to that site, it may be that either recruitment happened in the meanwhile or a bunch o insurgents went there to do something like placing IEDs, or set up some other installation. If a location has turned towards the Insurgents, then there will even be CQB positions activated.

    To make sure profiles and AI commander saved correctly in your case, please turn on the profiles debug and toggle opcom installations, remember a few profiles positions and installation positions, save and restart. Turn on debug (like above) after restart and see if the positions and types match.


    PS: If CQB is used, with spawn distance 1000 and Recon happened from 1500mtrs or more, then you will also get more enemies when you go in, a lot more

  4. @Tupolov How can I get rid of these SITREPS then? Is there a place where they are saved? @highhead - I make sure that my recon teams do multiple flyovers directly over the location as well as darter teams being really close. My only guess was what you said with how more can arrive and such. However, checkpoints just up and vanishing is strange.

  5. Tupolov

    19 Jun 2015 Administrator
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    I don't believe roadblocks are persisted :(

    You can delete PATROLREPs, SPOTREPs and SITREPs by deleting them on the map (CTRL Right Mouse button) - and ensuring the server is saved correctly. They won't be removed from the diary until next restart.

  6. The problem is that the markers are gone. The diary is still there. Now the server no longer saves too. What a mess!

  7. Tupolov

    20 Jun 2015 Administrator

    Need logs with data debug on please :(


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