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    Thu Nov 30 19:51:57 2017
    Mannulus posted in No Idea What the Problem Is.

    Could you be a bit more clear about what your issue is? And if you could paste your RPT in pastebin that would be great. Can't access your current link.

  2. Tue Nov 28 08:02:59 2017

    Our server fps is maxed and we have about 800+ AI on the map atm. We don't use VCOM because it's a performance hog but that's my own opinion.

  3. Tue Nov 28 05:30:17 2017

    Isolated the mod causing it. It's the ILBE Mod by raspu86.

  4. Tue Nov 28 04:36:11 2017

    I had a stunning revelation. I think it's mod compatibility related. Launching just CBA, the RHS's and ALIVE it works fine.

  5. Tue Nov 28 04:27:51 2017

    @HeroesandvillainsOS @Mannulus I am really really confused. I just loaded up the mission, and made my own test, and rhs_faction_usmc_wd is spawning fine, and as BLUFOR, which they should. Please just disregard whatever you read in ORBAT. They are a BLUFOR faction and are spawning as such with blue icons and everything.

    I just tested the tasks and I have no problem selecting a player in the tasks menu, and also getting actual tasks, and I also have access to logistics. In the mission you made for me, you didn't give the player unit a laser designator. To do this right click on him in the editor and edit his loadout. Seeing as that's the object you set the modules to require, the player unit needs it to access these options (logistics and tasks, etc).

    Yeah I accidentally deleted the unit I put the laser designator into and did not put it into the new unit ( I was trying to make a scripted addaction to change player side for easier demonstration). My bad.

    Also, I don't know how it works for you. I loaded the same mission up, with laser designators this time and it does not work.


  6. Tue Nov 28 04:10:42 2017

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Oh I see the photo. Are you trying to say USMC WD is being registered as a OPFOR faction instead of a BLUFOR faction?

    If so, just to be clear, when spawning rhs_faction_usmc_wd by default and without ORBAT, are they spawning as OPF and being attacked by BLU?

    Grouping to the CSAT is just to change his faction to opfor which then makes him match what the ORBAT says that faction is suppose to be and you will see how he can suddenly use logistics. Its the non fancy way to show you what I mean. Sorry.

    From what it looks like, USMC is not being attacked by other non USMC blufor units from my testing. Going to try to spawn USMC and other BLUFOR factions through ALiVE and see if they get feisty with each other.

  7. Tue Nov 28 02:48:33 2017

    @HeroesandvillainsOS The RHS faction you are using is compatible. I mapped them myself and that mapping is included in ALiVE. Not only did I group them, but I also added Logistics assets and made their vehicles and ammo boxes spawnable as well. It should be very thorough and complete. What exactly “gets fixed” when you change it from them to BLU_F?

    What’s working for USMC WD and what isn’t? I’d like to see this. Can you post a simple mission with them as the faction?

    Here is the test mission folder. Play it as the BLUFOR Marine and check it out. Then group him to a high ranking CSAT in the editor and check again to notice the difference.

  8. Tue Nov 28 02:02:05 2017

    I suddenly get access to logistics, tasks, etc.

    This is what I am seeing through ORBAT anyway:




  9. Tue Nov 28 01:19:28 2017

    Looking into ORBAT, all the USMC factions are incompatible. Going to try to convert them to be all compatible and then look again.

  10. Tue Nov 28 00:45:54 2017

    Also, I think it might have to do with RHS itself. Changing the faction from the marine faction name to BLU_F fixes everything. Strange.

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