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    Mon May 4 18:32:42 2020
    Z Zack7 started the conversation Template Request.

    Could someone please send me a mission template with a military ai air commander based on the USS Freedom?

  2. Mon May 4 18:31:07 2020
    Z Zack7 started the conversation USS WASP.

    Wondering if i can use the USS Wasp (single player mission) as a BLUFOR base where the AI can fully utilise all its abilities e.g can launch a beach full on beach assault using the LCAs and hovercraft, aerial troop transportation and where fixed wing assault craft can takeoff and land etc.

  3. Sun Jan 5 19:02:49 2020
    Z Zack7 started the conversation CfgPatches.hpp Error.

    Iv had this problem for months when using the ORBAT. I keep getting the same error when i try and run the game with the exported faction in the addon section, its extremely frustrating as these factions take nearly 3 days to create, iv had to delete them then remake them multiple times. Could someone please help me as i want to make a RMC faction, RAF, RAF regiment RN and so on.


  4. Sun Jan 5 18:29:28 2020
    Z Zack7 joined the forum.