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    Tue Oct 8 05:54:11 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in One Life Mission.

    Update on this;

    it was awesome . One life ALiVE missions will be the way forward for my unit in the future now! Hella fun, super scary when the enemy could be in ANY building, or an IED / Suicide Bomber etc...

  2. Mon Oct 7 18:22:12 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 started the conversation One Life Mission.

    Hey guys, another question from me, always in the pursuit of a bit more realism and *danger* to add to the missions!

    Latest idea is this, has anyone got any experience with running one life events on an ALiVE mission?

    I know that fundamentally it won't be an issue, but I'm curious if all players die, does it automatically restart the mission(and lose any of the data or progress made?)

    Ideally I would want to be able to Save the mission status and then my unit goes out on the next event with a follow up. We play 2 days a week, and our Zeus events are one life only...just interested in the concept of one life ALiVE events...but with a persistent mission save file.

    Thoughts? Cheers!

  3. Sun Oct 6 19:41:59 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in Extra's - Scripts and Mods, what do you use?.

    @YonV I had the opposite issue with the ambient wildlife, 1000's upon 1000's of goats they were a plague sweeping across the land.

    So majestic!

    @JD_Wang Yeah ambient wildlife would be great. It'd be even better if you could spawn say a herd of goats with a goat herder

    I'll continue to dig around and look for something...maybe I'll see if I can make a small script for that...I always appreciate some more immersion where possible

  4. Fri Oct 4 20:36:18 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in Extra's - Scripts and Mods, what do you use?.

    You know, one mod i've been looking for, is an ambient wildlife mod.

    I know Spyder had it in, but I could never get it to work (The animals would just be shadows if it was hosted on a dedicated server).

    Anyone know of such scripts / mods?

  5. Wed Oct 2 16:38:22 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in Extra's - Scripts and Mods, what do you use?.

    Checked out and added the cinematic flare, advanced jamming and guilt and rememberance...it definitely adds a lot to the mission for sure!

  6. Wed Oct 2 16:36:56 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 started the conversation Roadblock Headaches.

    Hey gents,

    Lately I've been having issues with roadblocks not having the "hold space to remove" functionality. I've also noticed that this usually happens whenever the roadblock takes damage.

    What I'm wondering is, could it be, that the explosive that is set as the *trigger* to prompt the player to disable the roadblock, is disabled due to explosives hitting the roadblock?

    In Zeus I have noticed that the c4 block is usually black on roadblocks we cannot clear...and yellow(empty) on roadblocks we can.

    Is it possible to set the roadblocks to enabledamage=false as I think that may be the issue...or am I wholly overthinking this?


  7. Wed Oct 2 16:32:59 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in Auto Pause Feature & Clafghan.

    Good point, a larger custom area in the mountain tops with a base, and then smaller objectives along the road to make them head down onto the road areas...I like that concept!

    Edit: also @JD_Wang , I am using that snippet you quoted above in my mission's init.sqf file, but there is no auto save occuring...am I right to assume it has to go in the unit.sqf?

    I also have the database saved to local instead of cloud if that affects it

  8. Wed Oct 2 16:32:07 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in AI no longer spawns..

    How is your mission setup?

    You should have a military/civilian placement module, linked to a military ai commander, both with the same faction selected.

    Also double check that the placement module isn't set to "objectives only".

  9. Mon Sep 30 22:35:16 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in Auto Pause Feature & Clafghan.

    I'll let ya'll know how it goes :)

    You think adding larger custom objectives set to placing a HQ / Guards would be better than smaller points based on the roads? We're looking to have some pretty rough ambush points on the way north

  10. Sun Sep 29 04:26:57 2019
    U UncreatedLemon91 posted in Auto Pause Feature & Clafghan.

    Any thoughts on Clafghan too @JD_Wang , i've been a lurker on this site for the last...4-5 years, so i've seen you around a lot haha, figure you might have a decent suggestion for that one.

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