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    Wed Jun 27 09:49:41 2018
    F fatsquirrel posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    @cbff33 I have looked, and cannot find any option to have vcom not interact with user controlled AI. Yesterday on a mission, a blufor vehicle came into our AO. My AI flocked to that vehicle. Every few minutes, the AI would start responding verbally to commands, but yet I was giving none. It had to be VCOM trying to order them to board the vehicle. And when I ordered them to regroup they would acknowledge my order, but would not leave the vehicle vicinity. The player air support, they will show up. land as directed, and I can board and then talk to pilot and go where I want to go. When I order the air support to RTB, they fly a few kilometers away and then just hover, they refuse to RTB. As stated, I believe if one were running a server, where you have no AI in your faction, all people in game are under human control, but your opposing force is all AI control, I think this works great. The AI in my squad, are definitely receiving orders from me as well as VCOM. VCOM only gives you the option to disable VCOM control for a whole force from what I am seeing in the menus.

    You can disable VCOM AI from getting into random vehicles in the addon options either in the editor or in the game options. I've seen the setting already, and I actually kind of like it because they will actually get around the map a little quicker. However, I recommend disabling civilian vehicles in ALiVE because the military units will use those as well rather than only military vehicles. It would be nice to get more control of what faction of vehicles VCOM AI is allowed to board.

  2. Tue Jun 26 03:00:10 2018
    F fatsquirrel posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I turned off both ACE and VCOM AI in my mission, and either one of them was causing horrible script errors and game crashes. I wouldn't recommend using this unless ALiVE or VCOM AI tries to fix it.

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    Hello! I've run across a problem in ALiVE where our troops capture a few towns on one side of the map, but then the AI OPCOM Commander needs to send those troops across the map to a practically unreachable destination just on foot. Is there a way to get the AI Commander to provide air transportation for random virtual ai units so they don't have to walk dozens of kilometers across the terrain?

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