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    Tue Jul 3 18:22:53 2018
    M Madkicker posted in Liberation Save.

    thx got it...I was thinking profiels/. Just was not sure...

  2. Sun Jul 1 23:35:21 2018
    M Madkicker started the conversation Liberation Save.

    Wanting to move my server to a new location. Do not want to lose progress.. I have been tryign to find where teh alive liberation saves to. So I can move it to new location....Have not been able to find anythign showing where it is...

  3. Sat May 26 15:35:26 2018
    M Madkicker posted in Hosted server Issue.

    Well I got it to work. Then went back and was not working... I give up and will just keep it running dedicated locally...

  4. Thu May 24 23:26:23 2018
    M Madkicker posted in Hosted server Issue.

    Yes I have opened a ticket. They changed my command line stating that was the issue. But still does not work.

    I see the error when watching the log file as it loads. I also can not join server and run any of the ALive maps I have. Even thought they all work fine locally... It has to be some setting teh host has that is screwing it up. Have attempted two different host . Both it does not work. Have not tried the amrmahost I see advertised on here. Does anyone know if it actually works on there?

  5. Wed May 23 15:57:43 2018
    M Madkicker posted in Hosted server Issue.

    yes. I can upload all. I have uploaded all files etc. It seems as though it is not accepting something. Server starts loads. But does not accept any alive map I try. It says it is missing neccesary content. I set hosted same as I have done for my dedicated.

  6. Wed May 23 14:16:09 2018
    M Madkicker posted in Hosted server Issue.

    Yea I have tried all of that. It works fine in I out it on my self running dedicated server. But not if I use it on a hosting service.

  7. Fri May 18 18:32:29 2018
    M Madkicker posted in Hosted server Issue.

    It is a windows server. But what causes this issue?

  8. Fri May 18 16:09:59 2018
    M Madkicker started the conversation Hosted server Issue.

    Having issues installing or running on a hosted server, I have no issue hosting and playing locally on lan. But when I try to move it to my hosted server. Missions fail to load. I have even tried the demo missions, Have tried with and without @aliveserver. Have @alive and @cba_a3. installed. But This shows up in log file:

    9:09:14 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.

  9. Fri May 18 16:00:38 2018
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