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    Thu Dec 7 10:38:13 2017
    S Strongground posted in How many TAORs should I create?.

    Thank you both, @Friznit and @Mannulus for your helpful comments! :)

    I think, my big takeaway from this is: Use the least amount of TAORs & Military Placements possible to reach your objectives.

    The basic idea of the mission is: The players are part of ANCOP (Special Division of the Afghan National Police) dealing with insurgents in a northern province, while US forces are retreating and now actively fighting any more, while the Afghan National Army (ANA) is present, but only stationary.
    So four AI Commanders are in place, Taliban, ANCOP, NATO/ISAF/US and ANA.

    I currently have my mission take place on Takistan. The central mountain region will be one big region, contested by the ANCOP AI Commander & asymmetric Taliban AI Commander.
    North airforce base will be a narrow region that belongs to Afghan National Army faction AI Commander (Occupation), but is only there to provide a upper "frame" for the map and provide air transport & logistics to the Players.
    South airforce base will be a narrow region as well (lower frame), owned by ISAF/NATO/US AI Commander (Occupation), providing limited CAS in emergencies.

    Now the question for me is, how do I limit the activity of the north & south Commanders, so they will mostly stay in base and only do very limited patrolling and defend themselves? I set "Max Simultaneous Attacks" to 0 - which should mean he does not advance on any objectives known to him - right?

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    Hi there!

    I am building a mission to play with friends on my dedicated server using ALiVE. It is Takistan, btw.
    For every little accumulation of huts, I created a region with unique name, Military Placement (Civilian Objective) with the "type" attribute set to "SETTLEMENT" and region name in the "TOAR"-attribute. Also a civilian population module (optional, but I like to tweak the spawning of ambient vehicles and number of civis for each settlement.)

    All in all I created ~30 TAORs, each marking a settlement/civil objective. The same procedure with Military Placement: Military Objectives for bases/outposts and the like. Each Military Placement then is synced to each of the Military Commanders on the map.

    Is this bad practice? Good practice? Does it not matter at all and just clutters my editor with lots and lots of lines and regions?
    Does it confuse the TACOPS?

    In all tutorial videos I saw about ALiVE, the people always created very sloppy giant regions that encompass half the map. To me, that feels wasteful.

    Hit me with your recommendations, feedback or whatever you got. It almost goes without saying: A comment from one of the devs would be extra nice. :)


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