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    Tue Oct 3 16:26:59 2017
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    @SavageCDN The default required item is the Laser Designator (this is changeable from within the editor module) - make sure you have one in your inventory.


    That was it. I feel dumb now.... Thanks a ton though!

    @HeroesandvillainsOS What default Tanoa mission?

    It's called "Quick Start" and is a sample mission for ALiVE.

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    I've been having issues getting ALiVE to work properly. In one of the default ALiVE missions (the on on Tanoa), I can't access the logistics or combat support tabs. https://i.imgur.com/zpyc9uz.jpg

    I have one of the combat support tablets, and I recall from the last time I tried out ALiVE they were present in that mission. Did I break something?

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