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    Sun Jun 11 15:12:46 2017
    L loderunner71 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I've noticed that sometimes slung-loaded vehicles like mech/motorized infantry units will stop moving once they've been spawned from being virtualized. Looking at the operations in C2ISTAR, they still have a waypoint, but refuse to move. If you re-apply the waypoint (without changing it), they will resume movement. It may have something to do with VCOM driving, or maybe the way BiS spawns in these types of units.

  2. Fri Jun 9 13:35:58 2017
    L loderunner71 posted in Prevent AI auto-teleport into buildings?.

    Ok, thanks for the reply. And thanks for the great work you guys are doing. I think I'm having more fun setting up/testing missions than playing.

    I am trying to create a mission where LOP_CDF is 'invading'/occupying, LOP_US is asymmetric, and rhs_faction_msv is supporting LOP_US with mainly artillery and some infantry. I was hoping VCOM would utilize its code to call in arty support by setting the Virtual AI spawn radius to 10000, so there would not be any units virtualized.

    I like how the AI handles CQB behavior and would want to replace the disable Path with that. I don't know what VCOM does since disable path is run. Maybe it was causing too many problems with it's call to help default being set to high originally, now its at 500 m.

    If I'm feeling adventurous, I might try to test this somehow.

  3. Fri Jun 9 04:59:23 2017
    L loderunner71 posted in Prevent AI auto-teleport into buildings?.

    I did some digging on the ALiVE.OS GitHub and found that it is the fnc_groupGarrison script that is causing this. It makes sense as a way to hold an objective, but I'd like for VCOM to handle the local AI in these cases. Is there any way of disabling this script via staticdata or some other snippet?

  4. Thu Jun 8 19:27:16 2017
    L loderunner71 posted in Prevent AI auto-teleport into buildings?.

    Not sure if this is a BiS thing, an ALiVE thing, or a VCOM thing, but I find that it's annoying that when the OPCOM orders a unit to occupy a town or military base, all the units except for the leader get teleported into nearby buildings and frozen. They are given waypoints by OPCOM, but can't follow them because of the super-hold (nothing can change this stance).

    The problem is that the opposing AI most of the time don't know there is some random dude frozen in a building, so they can never fully occupy the town. So, all the attacking units just stand around idle (OPCOM still thinks they are busy), which eventually leads to a stagnant battlefield.


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