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    Mon Nov 20 00:16:23 2017
    C CC_KRONUS started the conversation ORBAT module.

    I have found lots and lots of information about how to create a faction or modify it.

    But what I need is to remove a faction. And I could not find anything

    I click the remove button, but then can't get anything to paste in Desc.Ext

    Anyone could, please, give a detailed explanation of the process?


  2. Thu Oct 26 16:35:35 2017
    C CC_KRONUS posted in Error on transport helicopter init.

    Savage, Thanks a lot. your proposed soluction works perfectly. Had to figure a couple of things, but finally got there. :)
    whigital. your proposal was one of the first things I tried, but unfortunately it did not work.

  3. Mon Oct 23 21:47:09 2017
    C CC_KRONUS started the conversation Error on transport helicopter init.

    I am using grumpy rhino's "medium helicopter mods" which has a nice selection I use for Vietnam era scenarios. The crew spawned with the Huey choppers are vanilla pilots.
    The problem is that at night all wear NVG. Which is grossly incompatible with a vietnam mission.

    I have typed this into the transport helicopter init:

    {this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles";} foreach crew this;

    But I keep getting an error message that is missing a } or a ; which makes no sense. And at night pilots wear the NVG.

    What am I doing wrong?


  4. Sat Aug 19 00:37:58 2017
    C CC_KRONUS posted in Putting OPCOM to Bed on Empty Server.

    Thanks for the link but it has not solved my doubts. see, beyond copy-paste, I have a very limited knowledge of programming Arma3. Any help with an example to pause assymetric between say, 7AM to 7PM? Where should I run the script? in the init of the module or in init.sqf at root?

  5. Sat Aug 12 15:58:00 2017
    C CC_KRONUS posted in Putting OPCOM to Bed on Empty Server.

    sorry to resurrect this old thread, but that is the only one that the search has given as aprox to what I am looking for.

    here is the question:
    Is there any way to tell the assymetric forces to spawn and be operative only between x time and x time next day, then then despawn?

    I am working UNSUNG mod on a vietnam insurgency for my clan, and what I want is that at late afternoon, some of the peasants take their ak-47 from under the rug, put on their VC conical hat and go to do their stuff until daylight next day, when they know that if they don't go back to work the rice fields with their water buffalos, the US Air power will blow them to commy heaven, so at first light they vanish in thin air.

  6. Sun May 14 00:53:46 2017
    C CC_KRONUS started the conversation UNSUNG Combat support artillery issue.

    ALiVE's combat support artillery module does not recognize the ammo loads available in the Unsung mod. Eg. instead of White Phosporus or other ordnance of the era, I can still see the standard ammo selection and order laser guided or other anacronysms. Instead, vanilla artillery module, recognize the UNSUNG ammo types available for each artillery unit.
    Any possibility this can be fixed in your next release?

  7. Sun May 14 00:47:24 2017
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