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    Wed Jun 10 13:14:12 2020

    Excellent. Thank you, sir.

  2. Wed Jun 10 04:43:00 2020

    There appears to be an issue with the spawn radius settings for player controlled planes and UAVs. Currently, entering a plane will virtualise all units regardless of spawn radius settings (excluding civilians and compositions).

    However, connecting to a drone will cause units to appear "normally" (it's unclear which spawn radius is being used at this point, presumably the UAV's though). You can disconnect and reconnect to a drone while seated in an aircraft, causing nearby units to despawn and spawn accordingly.

    Helicopters appear unaffected by this.

  3. 2 years ago
    Sun May 12 01:03:25 2019


    Looking good so far!

  4. Fri May 10 19:48:15 2019


    Here it is.

    CBA and Alive loaded. Just a basic template to test out the variables that were causing my issue, but the problem is immediately obvious when viewed from the OPF_F perspective.

  5. Fri May 10 18:40:18 2019

    Yes. I did wonder if that might be the cause, so I've tried with them set hostile to one faction and hostile to both. The result is always the same. They engage one another if they meet in the field when set hostile, but the objectives remain as pictured above.

  6. Fri May 10 12:11:35 2019



    As I said, this isn't an issue of them not seeing objectives, which would be the case if commanders weren't synced to objectives. This is how IND_F interprets the mission above.


    And this is OPF_F...


    The same mission with IND_F replaced by BLU_F...


    As you can see, when OPF_F is fighting IND_F they issue no attack or defend orders. They attempt to reserve enemy occupied objectives regardless of IND_F presence and only issue a handful of commands to their initial forces. Compare this to their behaviour vs BLU_F, where they attack and defend objectives as one might expect.

    I was more looking for clarification of whether this is supposed to happen or not as I'm yet to find a situation where a Red/Blue Commander acknowledges the presence of a Green Commander, leading me to believe it is either intentional or broken.

  7. Sun May 5 22:34:28 2019
    T treelo started the conversation BLU/OPF vs IND objective status [SOLVED].

    When setting up a mission with an Independent force as the primary opposition, it would appear that their objective status (and/or units) are completely ignored by attacking forces. Is this the expected behaviour?

    In the test mission I threw together; BLU (Invasion) vs IND (Occupation) resulted in objectives in BLU's TAOR are Reserved, with Reserve orders issued to every objective in IND's TAOR. No attack or defend orders are ever given by BLU's OPCOM. Left to their own devices, BLU's OPCOM will issue no other orders beyond this initial set-up phase and objectives within IND's TAOR will slowly become unassigned as BLU units are sent piecemeal to capture "unoccupied" objectives. IND's OPCOM on the other hand, issues orders normally at all times.

    The above appears to be true in all possible scenarios vs an IND OPCOM. BLU/OPF OPCOMs never seem aware of IND units, though they will fight one another as determined by IND's hostility settings.

  8. 5 years ago
    Sat Apr 23 16:27:04 2016

    Awesome, appreciate the swift response. I actually had that page open on a different tab but copied the example from the wiki instead. ["CAS",[getMarkerPos Pad_1,0,"B_Heli_Attack_01_F","EAGLE ONE","",""]] Call ALiVE_fnc_combatSupportAdd; works perfectly with no errors. Thanks.

  9. Sat Apr 23 15:46:15 2016
    T treelo started the conversation ALiVE_fnc_CombatSupportAdd issues (solved).

    I've been attempting to add script spawned units as CAS and noticed this function was around. However I'm having difficulty getting it to work.

    The example given on the wiki (altered to spawn the unit on an invisible helipad) is ["CAS",[getMarkerPos Pad_1,0,"B_Heli_Attack_01_F","EAGLE ONE",{},0]] call ALiVE_fnc_CombatSupportAdd; which gives the following error;

    14:45:45 Error in expression < 3);
    _code = _array select 4;
    _height = parsenumber(_array select 5);
    _casfsm =>
    14:45:45   Error position: <parsenumber(_array select 5);
    _casfsm =>
    14:45:45   Error parsenumber: Type Number, expected Bool,String
    14:45:45 File x\alive\addons\sup_combatsupport\scripts\NEO_radio\functions\misc\fn_supportAdd.sqf, line 101

    I got around this by changing the line to ["CAS",[getMarkerPos Pad_1,0,"B_Heli_Attack_01_F","EAGLE ONE",{},"0"]] call ALiVE_fnc_CombatSupportAdd; which spawned the correct vehicle in place, but failed to add it to the CAS menu via the alive tablet. It also spat out the following error;

    15:31:26 WARNING: Function 'name' - 4f980080# 164018: coveralls.p3d has no unit
    15:31:26  - network id 0:0
    15:31:26  - person 
    15:31:26 WARNING: Function 'name' - 4f980080# 164018: coveralls.p3d has no unit
    15:31:26  - network id 0:0
    15:31:26  - person 
    15:31:27 WARNING: Function 'name' - 4c904080# 164021: coveralls.p3d has no unit
    15:31:27  - network id 0:0
    15:31:27  - person 
    15:31:27 WARNING: Function 'name' - 4c904080# 164021: coveralls.p3d has no unit
    15:31:27  - network id 0:0
    15:31:27  - person 
    15:31:27 Error in expression <
    _split = [];
    _index = 0;
    _inputCount = count _input;
    _separatorCount = count _s>
    15:31:27   Error position: <count _input;
    _separatorCount = count _s>
    15:31:27   Error count: Type code, expected Array,String,Config entry
    15:31:27 File x\cba\addons\strings\fnc_split.sqf, line 13

    I'm not really sure where to go from here. Regardless of the problems above, the function doesn't do quite what I was looking for. I can achieve similar results with it though, and at this point I'm more curious if it's something I've done wrong or not.

  10. Sat Apr 23 14:44:59 2016
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