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    Tue Mar 1 00:04:04 2016

    Perhaps you could use a custom init event handler to add in extra ammo types?

    Have a look at

    to get you started - that is for assigning arsenal but will be close to what you need.

  2. Mon Feb 29 23:58:08 2016

    Yeah I had a bit of a hiatus from ARMA and ALiVE while RL took over for some months, feeling motivated again after the 1.0 release, glad people are still having fun with ALiVE!

    Hostage rescue is a nice idea actually, that sounds like a good one to work on to get back into the tasks system as a whole.

  3. Mon Feb 29 23:39:57 2016

    Happy to announce that we are working on fixes to the task system.

    Thanks for testing gang!

    The sabotage indestructable buildings ones is fixed in dev, as is the civilian assault one. Looking into others over the next week or so.

    Any other suggestions for new tasks or alterations welcomed.

  4. 6 years ago
    Tue Oct 20 01:21:54 2015
    ARJay posted in Mission rewards?.

    HC might work, you could try sending a fake playerID but it might break.

  5. Tue Oct 20 00:34:59 2015
    ARJay posted in Mission rewards?.

    It should work, but you need to have a playerID that will receive radio messages about the request etc. You might need to do some testing though.

  6. Tue Oct 20 00:20:48 2015
    ARJay posted in Mission rewards?.

    you can also script player logistics requests, this might throw a script error at the moment (fixed in dev to allow this type of thing). Note you will need to have a Military Logistics synced to an Military AI Commander for the faction doing the requesting

    _requestID = floor(time);
    _payload = [];
    _emptyVehicles = [];
    _staticIndividuals = [];
    _joinIndividuals = [];
    _reinforceIndividuals = [];
    _staticGroups = [];
    _joinGroups = [];
    _reinforceGroups = [];
    // add some ammo boxes to payload
    _payload pushBack "Box_NATO_Wps_F";
    _payload pushBack "Box_NATO_Wps_F";
    // add a empty hunter
    _emptyVehiclesItem = [];
    _emptyVehiclesItem set [0,"B_MRAP_01_hmg_F"];
    _emptyVehiclesItem set [1,["Vehicles","Car","B_MRAP_01_hmg_F"]];
    _emptyVehicles pushBack _emptyVehiclesItem;
    // add a empty quadbike
    _emptyVehiclesItem = [];
    _emptyVehiclesItem set [0,"B_Quadbike_01_F"];
    _emptyVehiclesItem set [1,["Vehicles","Car","B_Quadbike_01_F"]];
    _emptyVehicles pushBack _emptyVehiclesItem;
    // send the player request of to the military logistics module
    _forceMakeup = [_requestID,_payload,_emptyVehicles,_staticIndividuals,_joinIndividuals,_reinforceIndividuals,_staticGroups,_joinGroups,_reinforceGroups];
    _playerID = getPlayerUID player;
    _destination = position player;
    _faction = "BLU_F";
    _side = "WEST";
    _deliveryType = "PR_AIRDROP";
    _event = ['LOGCOM_REQUEST', [_destination,_faction,_side,_forceMakeup,_deliveryType,_playerID],"PR"] call ALIVE_fnc_event;
    if(isServer) then {
    	[ALIVE_eventLog, "addEvent",_event] call ALIVE_fnc_eventLog;
    	[[_event],"ALIVE_fnc_addEventToServer",false,false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;
  7. Mon Oct 19 23:43:46 2015
    ARJay posted in Ryan Zombies and Deamons?.

    I've written some quick mappings so that these will work in mil placement modules. Will also look at getting CQB to spawn them.

  8. Sun Oct 18 22:26:28 2015

    Are you using the new editor on dev branch by any chance?

    Last I checked there was an issue where mil placement modules would switch to mil custom placement modules for no reason in the new editor

  9. Thu Oct 1 11:56:35 2015
    ARJay started the conversation Spyders Command and Intel tablet testing pre 1.0.

    In this video SpyderBlack723 and myself test out the port of his awesome Command and Intel tablets into ALiVE. High command ALiVE profiled groups, jump directly to the action, and spectate. Reveal intel on AI commanders. Just part of the preperation the ALiVE team is making for the 1.0 release.

  10. Sat Feb 28 22:59:08 2015
    ARJay posted in Debug message?.

    Yep it's fixed in dev, will be in the next release

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