Persistence on dedi

  1. 5 months ago


    I just tested out the persistence. It'd be nice to save our progress and continue where we left off. One way to do this is to have persistence = 1 in desc.ext, but this results in us not being able to play anything else than the current scenario - and if something were to happen to that scenario, poof, gone.

    So I setup the persistence, and it works fine in local host (through server browser). I put the data to local from cloud. When I host the scenario I get an infobox to the top-right which says it found alive savedata and will load it and it all works perfectly.

    In dedicated however (rented server), when I exit the game through the Alive save & exit (admin) -option, I get the tablet and it turns blackn'white and gives me the "game saved" and all of that. But how do I load that said save? When I host the scenario it just starts over from the start.

    Any ideas?


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