Two Military Air Component Commanders, One Airfield

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    I am working on a Invasion vs Invasion of Rosche, Germany, and would like for both commanders to have a Military Air Component Commander. However, there is only one airfield on this map, so both commanders use it as an HQ and spawn at the same airfield and instantly kill each other's aircraft. Is there a way to game the Air Commander module to spawn on a certain custom objective like you can with the Military Logistics?

    I tried to do this by placing a USS Freedom carried wayyy off the map but the planes kept spawning on ground level and exploding. When I lowered the carrier deck to ground level, the aircraft didn't have enough speed to take off without basically landing on the ground off the bow of the carrier and coming to a stop.

    How would you guys make this work if possible?

  2. You need to define a TAOR for each side. One side will get the airfield. The other will get the carrier. I always manually place my jets on the carrier and sync them to the virtual placement module.

    The USS freedom what you must do is go into its attributes and go into special states. Disable simulation. This will disable all inputs from anything. Your AI jets will take off just fine.


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