units spawning in buildings and not leaving

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    Hey there!
    I am currently building a mission in which i want a lot of "roaming" ALiVE units. For that, I used Opfor and Indfor Military AI commanders, set on Invasion and let them both spawn at basically random objectives over whole Chernarus (CUP).
    The problem I have is pretty much in the title, the units spawn, but they spawn in buildings, and they dont move out of them although they have waypoints attached to them. You can see this in the screenshot here:

    I set up the AI commander to have NO ambient guards, there is no CQB module on the map. I dont understand why they spawn in buildings to begin with? Can anybody help, or at least shine some light on this?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Hy stu13,

    Which modules you placed?

    AI Commanders and ???
    Do you set the Civilian and Military Placements? If yes how do you configured this modules?
    Which factions you use? Do you use Headless or normal server configuration?


  3. This has been a bugbear of mine for a while, and I believe it was a design choice so that people would have units in houses for CQB which I get, but I still hate the fact they will stand there doing nothing while players make their way through compounds.

    I did have a clunky script that would ungarrison units around the player and then either use the CBA defend function (which gives a percentage chance that units release from their garrison) or because we used VCOM I also tried using the VCOM "find cover" function which in testing worked really well, and seemed realistic enough.

    But because I'm a terrible scripter it wasn't a great solution, was rather performance heavy and was just too clunky to be made practical.

    I did have an issue open on Github, but the idea of using the CBA garrison function instead of the ALiVE one didn't pan out due to blacklisting etc


    I still think it can be greatly improved, it just needs someone with the coding skills to pick it up and run with it.

  4. Gentlemen, IF I am not mistaken, Ambient Guards is a setting that actually assing patrols on a percentage of units that garrison a specific objective. So I believe having this "on" is a thing that you may want to. Also , (again IF I am not mistaken) I believe that it is automatically overwriten by OPCOM in case he needs extra groups/units for QRFs, assaults etc.

  5. Hello there! Sorry, there was no reply for so long in this thread I didn't think there was going to be some.
    I believe @JD_Wang replied in my reddit post, too?

    @RagcBaker and @arismagic : I am using Military placement (Civ. Obj) and (Mil. Obj), 100% readiness, no funky stuff, and no headless client. I am using my own factions, but I tested and confirmed the behaviour described in my OP with NATO and CSAT. I turned off Ambient guards because to me it appears that this spawns **additional** troops, that are not counted towards the limit set in the placement module.

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  7. The ambient guards option only tells if a specific town will be occupied. Low means a very low amount of towns will be occupied. The ai commander will then issue commands to occupy all objectives that arent currently occupied. Then they will settle up in buildings and not move.

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    @Shizzak mate, interesting info there. Thank you for that. But, as @stu13 mentioned, does this means that IF I won't give the OPCOM enough profiles to occupy all objectives, extra profiles will spawn that won't count towards the limit set there? Thank you in advance mate.


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