Setting for spawn

  1. 11 months ago

    So my last mission to seems the ai keep spawning even after we take a location.
    We have the exclusion zone for the island we spawn at so they never come there but we want them to have to spawn at a general location then have to travel and occupy the whole island.
    What would the current military commander and cqb setting?

  2. I am pretty sure someone here will correct me but if I recall you can use two of the same modules to get this effect (though I think it doubles up on objectives.)

    1. One module is set to spawn units in a TAOR
    2. Another is set to Objectives Only for another TAOR.
    3. Sync to AI Commander and then to enemy AI Commander.
  3. So if you have it set for the TaoR with a smaller area they will spawn in that area and move ot the other locations that are in a exclusion zone?


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