Using CfgGroups/("Sections") instead of CfgFactionClasses/("Factions")

  1. last year

    Subsidize word replacements for CfgGroups with 'Sections' and CfgFactionClasses with 'Factions' if reading trouble arises.

    Hi, I've been searching online on how to use the already made CfgGroups for which are CfgFactionClasses' specific sections in the Eden Editor's assets where factions such as for example, "Example Army" and it's sections such as, "Infantry," 'Infantry (Winter)," and "Infantry (Desert)," are located.

    For context, the CfgFactionClasses name that is "Example Army" works when set in the module, however, the CfgGroups name that is "Infantry (Desert)" does not work when set in the module. I am attempting to exclude the regular infantry and winter versions from my game by using a CfgGroups instead of the CfgFactionClasses which would have me use all three.

    I doubt that I can even use CfgGroups instead of CfgFactionClasses and ponder to this forum if I should be creating a new faction using the Orbat Creator or be alerted to a way known where I can use CfgGroups.


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