Error MainTurret.maxHorizontalRotSpeed

  1. 2 years ago

    So, back to my old problem that I haven't gotten resolved yet.

    I'm trying to make factions using the ORBAT, and everything works just fine with infantry, but I can't seem to get vehicles working correctly. Whenever I add a vehicle that has a gunner/turret I get the error ”No entry ’bin/CfgVehicles/VEHICLE_CLASS_NAME/Turrets/MainTurret.maxHorizontalRotSpeed’”

    Anyone ever encountered this and have a solution for it?

  2. To clarify: the error message pops up when I try to place the vehicle in the editor.

  3. @Tupolov @AUTigerGrad will probably know more but it seems like something went wrong with importing some class.

  4. That typically occurs when you are using a "copy of a copy" i.e. using an Orbated vehicle for the base instead of an original version.

    We recommend always using a vanilla faction/CUP faction for the base of any orbated vehicle to avoid this.


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