How can I remove ACE?

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi all I am new to ALvie and basically PC gaming after years.
    I have found a few missions that I really enjoy and know I could never create on my own. I believe by members here.

    Only issue is they use ACE and I just cannot get the hang of it. I like the original style of Arma probably because of simple nature of it.
    How can I remove ACE from lets say Restrepo?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You’ll have to go in the editor and remove any ACE modules, along with ACE objects. This might be trickier than it used to be (I haven’t personally removed ACE from a mission myself since ACE transitioned to the CBA menu. It used to be no so tough but it might be trickier now).

    Not trying to self promote, but my ops take a lot of inspiration from the Restrepo author AuburnAlumni. Here’s my Workshop (I never use ACE):

    My mission Battle of Korengal Valley should be similar-ish. Other popular ones are Inshallah, Battle of Sangin and my other Asymmetric Insurgencies.

  3. Oh hi @Palmtask I think you know of my ops so you can disregard. Sorry I never read your name before I posted lol. Let me ping Restrepo author for you:

    @AUTigerGrad :)

  4. Yes , love your missions too, I did have a question for you as well . I need to get home on my pc so I can make sure I have the maps name correct . It has to do with saving . It seems it’s saving but areas are re populating that I have cleared after a restart . I am watching it happen in editor. Also the roadblocks are repopulating is that normal?

  5. Hey replied to your PM on BI forums.

  6. If you go into the mission.sqf and delete all of the ace lines in the required should be good to go.


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