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    Is it possible to alter force size for military and civilian placement during the missions, or a way to delay the mission being initialized till the ready room and adjust it there?

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    I know you can increase size (set by type Inf/Mot/Mech etc..) at least for OPCOM. Won't be home till Wed to grab the code. Imagine it would work fine for reducing size but delayed since it is setting the cap which replacement groups are pulled against. Essentially turning off replacements until attrition brings it below the new values then replacement groups spawned as usual.

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    Marcel had posted it previously as an unknown "Maybe it will work?" :) In my attempts it has worked without issue thus far.
    Specify side (side== xxxx) and # of each group/profile type. Fire the code via script, trigger etc and the OPCOM will now have force cap set to those values and bring in "replacements" to get up to strength.

        private _side = [_x, "side", ""] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;
        if (_side == "WEST") then {
                    0, // Infantry
                    0, // Motorized
                    0, // Mechanized
                    0, // Armored
                    0, // Artillery
                    0, // AAA
                    0, // Air
                    0  // Sea
            ] call ALIVE_fnc_hashSet;
    } forEach OPCOM_INSTANCES;
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  7. Oh sweet, never got a confirmation on whether it worked or not. :D


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