Frankenfaction/s for Insurgency

  1. 2 years ago

    I'm starting work on a new mission and have an idea of the force I want to fight, but not quite sure how to get it, so I have a few questions.

    First off I'm basing this off the CFP Taliban faction, and was just going to add the CUP ME milita AA unit with the ORBAT creator and then export for the description.ext (I figure this is probably the easiest way to give the Taliban a MANPADS threat without having to create a whole new pbo'd faction.)

    I was going to also add a group consisting of a single T55 tank and a group with a single Shilka. The idea being the insurgents managed to grab some from the Takistan Army before they disbanded or some such nonsense, I just wanted a rare but credible armour threat for the player base to face.

    Then I remembered, unless it's changed Insurgent factions don't get their vehicles replenished do they?

    So first off, can I have an Insurgent and Occupation OPCOM using the same faction? I would set up the Asymmetrical OPCOM to just use infantry, and then set up the Occupation OPCOM to handle the vehicles with military logistics resupplying. Would that work? If not I guess I could use the Taliban faction as Asymmetrical, and Middle Eastern Militia for Occupation. In either case how would the replacement vehicles be delivered? I'd rather not see helicopters sling loading them in or something like that.

  2. Unless something changed under the radar, vehicles won't get replaced for assym forces.

    You'd have to do separate opcoms, can't be 2 on same side. As for vehicle insertion, I tend to do a high priority custom objective on a map edge that I expect to be the least likely visited and place the logistics module there. That way no seeing tanks parachute in.

    Wish there was an option to just have units "spawn" in, so we could use that if desired. Still useful on smaller maps, a 5x5km players are likely gooing to see the parachutes.

  3. Yeah it would be cool to be able to say designate a warehouse building that they appear outside of or something similar.

    It really is never simple to get the scenario you want out of your head and into ARMA.


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