Easiest way to add items to civilian/enemy inventories?

  1. 2 years ago
    Edited 2 years ago by JD_Wang

    We've started using the ACEX rations system so what I would like to do is randomly add rations etc into the civ's (and I guess enemy's) inventory.

    Also just as an aside I'd really like to be able to randomly slip a cellphone into the inventory of civilians who are on the verge of going hostile. I've been running some zeus missions with my playerbase lately and have been encouraging them to search civs for anything suspicious in their inventories. Cellphones, money that sort of thing. and I'd like to be able to do something similar in ALiVE too.

    Eg if their hostility level is close to that tipping point then there's a random chance they'll have a phone, or cash, or maybe a grenade or something on them. Giving the players a chance to take them away and lock them up "under suspicion"

  2. Shooting from the hip, for the rations and whatnot, maybe init eventhandlers? Not good enough with scripting to type out something workable without consulting documentation, but could do one for class man, then use IF/Then to check for or against side (Eg side = Civ if only for civs, or side != West to run for everyone but), then could use another IF/Then with X > random 100 to add the item or not.

  3. Yeah I think that will have to be the path I go down, thanks @BvB


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