Removing Persistence on items

  1. 2 years ago

    So our group is running an Insurgency on Tanoa currently and we came across an issue.

    For some reason, a crate I spawned in using Zeus is somehow being saved without it being picked up with ALiVE's Player Logistics. So on server restarts, the box remains but the arsenal I added to it (again using Zeus) is removed. The box was meant to be a temporary thing so player's can fill up the boxes kept at their COP for later use but now I got this crate just sitting here.

    To make matters worse, the items the player's pulled out using the ACE Arsenal and put into the boxes I made for them (in editor) are not saving within them.

    The boxes are synced to the Disable Logistics module (to prevent from being picked up). Is this causing this behavior or is it something else?

    Most importantly, is there a code I can run on the crates to make them save / remove their persistence on next restart or something?


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