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    If you have a bug to report, first know that we really appreciate it. We realize that means you love ALiVE and want what’s best for it. But we ask, if at all possible, to pretty please include rpt files and a link to the ALiVE/CBA only mission that demonstrates the bug.

    If you don’t know where to find them, rpt files are located in users\appdata\local\arma 3. Appdata is hidden by default on Windows. To reveal hidden files, if you don’t know how, check this out:


    But wait, aren’t mods supported with ALiVE?: Yes. The team really does their best. We love mods. ALiVE is a mod! However, please keep in mind, using mods that aren’t ALiVE and CBA increases the chances that the problem isn’t explicitly ALiVE related or even caused by ALiVE at all. Also, it’s unfair to our testers to have to download your 44 other dependencies so they can see the bug with their own eyes. Some of our best devs DON’T have reliable internet connections at home.

    Where can I ask about a possible bug?: Here on the forums is fine. Especially if you’re not sure if it’s just an issue on your end or a problem everyone else is having, or maybe just due to something you did wrong. That’s ok, we are here to help. If you’re pretty sure that a bug does exist, and can reproduce it with just ALiVE and CBA, we also have a Github for tracking issues as well (be sure to follow the posting criteria. The posting criteria for the vast majority of tickets is NOT optional):


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