ALiVE spawned AI - Rubber banding and unkillable.

  1. 2 years ago

    So I'm curious to if anyone else has run into this - I've searched for quite a bit but have been unable to find anything specific regarding this.

    On our current mission we run Zeus in conjunction with ALiVE, we've run into the issue where units spawned/managed by ALiVE appear to lagging (in terms of movement; will rubber band both on foot and in vehicles) and we've run into them being unkillable either.

    I've directly compared it to the AI I then spawn beside them, so I have a set of AI operated by ALiVE that is unkillable and rubber banding. But the ones I've just spawned are completely normal and fine...

    Anyone know what might be causing this, and the possible solution to this?

    we've tried running Headless Client with it as well, but it hasn't solved the issue, and appears to have caused all our civilians to not spawn either.

  2. Our unit had this issue before (non-ALiVE related). What fixed it for us was removing a bad mod (don't remember which one). What mods are y'all running? I recommend going through them one by one to see if one of them is causing it.

  3. The two problems I run into here is that - it's a decent amount of mods to work through... we run all the RHS stuff, Project Opfor, Spyder Addons and various other gear addons etc etc.

    The other is, we tested a similar build completely vanilla - but on the same terrain - still having the same issue. :/

  4. For the completely vanilla, can you post a video? Have you tried without the HC?

  5. I'll need to get around to posting a video - but I've definitely tried it without the HC.

  6. Are you running any scripts on the server by any chance? Worst case scenario, open your basic.cfg and decrease min and mx error send till it goes away.


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