Setting up dedicated lan server for Windows (Help)

  1. 3 years ago

    I am kind of new to Arma 3 and Alive is something that I really want to try out but I am new to modding as well and having a lot of trouble setting up a server. I followed the instructions from the Alive Wiki all the way to the step of setting up the server on War room but I honestly just don't understand the instructions enough to do what it is asking me. I am wanting to use TADST to set up the server I am just kind of confused in the order in which I should do things so just let me recap what I have done so far.

    1. I installed Alive and put the @Alive and @aliveserver into my arma 3 root directory
    2. I installed TADST and put it in my root directory as well
    3. I went through all the steps setting up a static IP address and opening ports etc.
    4. I created and account on war room and followed the instructions to the point at which I am now which is the page where it gives you instructions to set up the server and installation instruction.

    I don't know what it means by i need C++ installed on my server and I also don't know what it means when it says---Download the @ALiVEServer addon and extract the folder into the Dedicated Server Arma 3 root folder. Add @ALiVEServer to your mod line on your dedicated server.

    I have tried to understand it but I just can't, I've searched and searched and everything is either outdated, or just too difficult for me to understand. I really don't want to mess it up to a point I have to start over, so if possible, can someone walk me through the rest of the process, I know it is a heavy request but any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Running Windows 10 btw just incase this is relevant information.

  2. Hi there! I know the language in the tutorial guide is probably more complicated than needed.

    ALiVE and aliveserver just need to be in the same directory as your server, which it is already because you put them all in your Arma root. Since you’re hosting the server on your own PC you’ve done exactly what you’re supposed to. Up to this point, seems you’ve done it all correctly. :) You can move onto the next step.

  3. Awesome thank you!! At what point do I use TADST?

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    @Officer Lahey Awesome thank you!! At what point do I use TADST?

    Are you playing alone or with friends? The only reason I ask is because this guide was written and compiled before ALiVE integrated a local saving system. It used to be to save your progress, you HAD to use a dedicated server. Now that’s not needed. I mean, you can even host locally with friends too without using TADST/a dedicated server too.

    Dedicated servers are excellent for performance, but if you’re playing alone with maybe only a friend or two, you may be able to just skip this whole process completely.

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    Oh lol. I didn’t answer your question. You use TADST once you’re ready to set up the server and play the mission.

  6. No I just appreciate the help lol I just want to do single player but I was afraid of performance issue. I have a pretty decent rig though so if there is a way to just do single player and still be able to save, I am 100% down with that option!

  7. I mean, by all means, you’re almost finished with the TADST stuff and it’s pretty easy, so feel free to finish it up incase you want to compare, but you can also do what I do and just pick a mission to play or build your own, make sure persistence is enabled in the modules that have the yes/no option, that the Data and Player Data modules are placed and set to save, and then just host a server on your own PC, select and play the mission, and click the ALiVE “server save and exit” option in the esc menu when you’re done playing for the day.

    Have you picked or made your mission yet?

  8. I think I am understanding it alittle. I am going to try your way, it seems a lot more simple for me to process lol. Otherwise I may be in the forums for hours lol :) I installed the steam version so I am not sure how to pick missions but let me see if I understand how to set it up. So if I was wanting to create my own mission. I just host my own LAN server and use the 3D editor to put down the necessary modules and follow the tips you gave above and i should be good?

  9. Yeah, in theory that’s all correct, but mission building is a bit more complicated than that. It’s hard to tell how new to ALiVE you are. Some pre-built missions are included in the ALIVE mod.

    If you’d rather,I have some missions on Steam you can open in the editor and learn from if you want too. It requires a lot of mods, but here is an example of an ALiVE insurgency:

    The mission PBO is linked on the page if you want to open it in the editor. Or if you don’t care to make your own, just subscribe and host a MP mission for yourself and just play. AuburnAlumni has a bunch on Steam too.

    If you want to make your own, also check out the ALiVE wiki.


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